WTF Happened to Tim Allen?

WTF Happened to Tim Allen?

In the 1990s, Tim Allen was one of the biggest family comedy stars in the game. He began his career as a stand-up comic at the Comedy Store and distinguished himself from his contemporaries with his brand of family-friendly, relatable comedy. This led to ABC building a sitcom around him. handyman. The show, on which he played Tim "The Toolman" Taylor, went on to become one of the biggest shows of the 1990s, regularly topping the Nielsen ratings. It wasn't a critical favorite, but families loved it, and Allen became a household name.

However, his career hit a turning point in 1994 when he signed on to star in Disney's Santa Claus, where he played an everyday businessman who becomes the heir apparent to Santa's mantle. The film was a total smash and made him an overnight movie star. The following year he voiced Buzz Lightyear in the first Pixar film Toh story, adds another family classic to his resume. He was soon making over a million dollars an episode for Home Improvement and leading family comedies such as Jungle 2 Junglethe Santa Claus Sequels and the greatly underrated true sci-fi classic Galaxy Quest.

Eventually, Home Improvement and Allen's big screen forays, such as zoom, started to underperform. However, he still had a long-running hit sitcom, Last Man Standing, which saw a controversial cancellation, leading many to wonder if his political opinions led to his show being wrongfully axed. When Fox revived it, it ran for three more seasons. While many questioned why Chris Evans was suddenly asked to voice Buzz in the Lightyear spin-off film, Allen's relationship with Disney appeared to be permanently mended when he signed on to star in Disney Plus. The Santas Series. Allen has just been renewed for a second season and seems firmly back in the spotlight, and in this episode of WTF happened to this celebrityWritten (starring Brad Hamerly) and narrated and edited by Taylor James Johnson, we take a look at the ups and downs of his career while appreciating a man many of us grew up with.

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