Wings of Desire

Wings of Desire

Two angels, Damiel and Cassiel, glide through the streets of Berlin, observing the bustling population, providing invisible rays of hope to the distressed but never interacting with them. When Damiel falls in love with lonely trapeze artist Marion, the angel longs to experience life in the physical world, and finds -- with some words of wisdom from actor Peter Falk -- that it might be possible for him to take human form.

Original Title: Der Himmel über Berlin
Year: 1987
Countries: France,Germany
Category: Drama,Fantasy,Romance
Languages: English,Français,Deutsch,עִבְרִית,日本語,Español,Türkçe
Production Companies: Road Movies,WDR,Argos Films,Wim Wenders Stiftung
Gender: Drama,Fantasy,Romance
Movie Cast:

  • Damiel: Bruno Ganz
  • Marion: Solveig Dommartin
  • Cassiel: Otto Sander
  • Homer: Curt Bois
  • The Filmstar: Peter Falk
  • The Dying Man: Hans Martin Stier
  • A Sad Man: Elmar Wilms
  • The Suicide: Sigurd Rachman
  • Young Prostitute: Beatrice Manowski
  • Marion's Coach: Lajos Kovács
  • The Clown: Bruno Rosaz
  • The Bandleader: Laurent Petitgand
  • The Drummer: Chick Ortega
  • The Juggler: Otto Kuhnle
  • The Juggler: Christoph Merg
  • The Manager: Peter Werner
  • In the Library - The Angel: Teresa Harder
  • In the Old Apartments: Jürgen Heinrich
  • On the Highway: Annelinde Gerstl
  • Crime and The City Solution / Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: Mick Harvey
  • Self - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: Nick Cave
  • Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: Blixa Bargeld
  • In the Circus: Susanne Vierkötter
  • In the Circus: Paul Busch
  • In the Circus: Karin Busch
  • In the Circus: Irene Moessinger
  • In the Circus - Last But Not Least: Franky
  • In the Library - The Angel: Daniela Nasimcova
  • In the Library - The Angel: Bernard Eisenschitz
  • In the Library - The Angel: Didier Flamand
  • In the Library - The Angel: Rolf Henke
  • In the Library - The Angel: Scott Kirby
  • In the Library - The Angel: Franck Glemin
  • In the Bunker - The Director: Jerry Barrish
  • In the Bunker - The Costume Designer: Jeanette Pollak
  • In the Bunker - The 'Hitler Youth': Christian Bartels
  • In the Bunker - The Assistant Director: David Crome
  • In the Bunker: Käthe Fürstenwerth
  • In the Bunker: Werner Schönrock
  • In the Bunker: Bernd Ramien
  • In the Bunker: Erika Rabau
  • In the Bunker: Silvia Blagojeva Itscherenska
  • In the Bunker: Sultan Meral
  • In the Bunker: Olivier Picot
  • In the Bunker: Jochen Gliscinsky
  • In the Bunker: Erich Schupke
  • In the Old Apartments: Margarete Hafner
  • In the Old Apartments: Oliver Herder
  • In the Old Apartments: Margitta Haberland
  • In the Old Apartments: Ralf Strathmann
  • In the Old Apartments: Walter Ratayszak
  • In the Old Apartments: Charlotte Oberberg
  • In the Old Apartments: Lubinka Kostic
  • On the Highway: Gisela Westerboer
  • On the Highway: Andreas Valentin
  • On the Highway: Wolf-Dirk Vogeley
  • On the Highway: Ruth Rischke
  • On the Highway: Familie Ayik
  • Crime and The City Solution: Simon Bonney
  • Crime and The City Solution: Harry Howard
  • Crime and The City Solution: Rowland S. Howard
  • Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: Thomas Wydler
  • Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: Roland Wolf
  • Self: Kid Congo Powers
  • With the Children: Denis Rodriguez
  • With the Children: Dieta von Aster
  • With the Children: Gustav Geisler
  • With the Children: Paul Geisler
  • With the Children: Lorenz Geisler
  • With the Children: Sladjana Kostic
  • With the Children: Benedikt Schumann
  • With the Children: Nicolas Roth
  • With the Children: Marcus Stenzel
  • With the Children: Benjamin Ferchow
  • With the Children: Mario Meyer
  • With the Children: Mark Leuschner
  • With the Children: Tibor Dahlenburg
  • With the Children: Lia Harder
  • With the Children: Mascha Noak
  • With the Children: Vera Butzek
  • With the Children: Donald Behrendt
  • ...: Patric Kreuzer
  • ...: Simone Säger
  • ...: Gerdi Hofmann
  • ...: Ulrike Schirm
  • ...: Hans Marquardt
  • ...: Heimke Karl
  • ...: Klaus Mausolf
  • ...: Özyer Hüsinye
  • ...: Jean-Claude Lezin
  • ...: Thierry Noir
  • ...: Matthias Maaß
  • ...: Henry Luczkow
  • Circus Spotlight Operator (uncredited): Louis Cochet
  • Girl in the Club (uncredited): Lina Otto
  • Flower Seller (uncredited): Johanna Penski

Movie Crew:

  • Costume Design: Monika Jacobs
  • Producer: Wim Wenders
  • Producer: Anatole Dauman
  • Screenplay: Peter Handke
  • Screenplay: Richard Reitinger
  • Director of Photography: Henri Alekan
  • Original Music Composer: Jürgen Knieper
  • Editor: Peter Przygodda
  • Art Direction: Heidi Lüdi
  • In Memory Of: François Truffaut
  • Additional Camera: Martin Kukula
  • Assistant Editor: Anne Schnee
  • Unit Manager: Barbara von Wrangell
  • In Memory Of: Andrei Tarkovsky
  • Production Consultant: Pascale Dauman
  • Production Consultant: Chris Sievernich
  • First Assistant Director: Claire Denis
  • Sound: Jean-Paul Mugel
  • Sound: Axel Arft
  • Property Master: Esther Walz
  • Assistant Camera: Agnès Godard
  • Focus Puller: Achim Poulheim
  • Associate Producer: Joachim von Mengershausen
  • Script Supervisor: Gabriele Mattner
  • Publicist: Mickey Cottrell
  • Thanks: Barbara von Weitershausen
  • In Memory Of: Yasujirō Ozu
  • Executive Producer: Ingrid Windisch
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Hartmut Eichgrün
  • Publicist: Marie-Christine Malbert
  • Helicopter Camera: Klemens Becker
  • Screenplay: Bernard Eisenschitz
  • Grip: Dieter Bähr
  • Production Driver: Dieter Stempnierwsky
  • Stunts: Hans Seck
  • Color Timer: Dave Pultz
  • Helicopter Camera: Klaus Krieger
  • Production Assistant: Scott Kirby
  • Painter: Thierry Noir
  • Assistant Camera: Louis Cochet
  • Set Designer: Markus Pluta
  • Lighting Technician: Claus Gerling
  • Unit Manager: Herbert Kerz
  • Sound Assistant: Uwe Thalmann
  • Still Photographer: Ralf Strathmann
  • Production Coordinator: Ulla Zwicker
  • Makeup Artist: Regina Huyer
  • Makeup Artist: Victor Leitenbauer
  • Third Assistant Director: Carola Hochgräf
  • Second Assistant Director: Knut Winkler
  • Property Master: Peter Alteneder
  • Assistant Property Master: Henrik Gross
  • Set Designer: Alexander Korn
  • Sculptor: Claude Lalanne
  • Assistant Set Decoration: Werner Mooser
  • Sculptor: Joost van der Velden
  • Additional Camera: Peter Ch. Arnold
  • Lighting Technician: Dieter Dentzer
  • Lighting Technician: Thomas Gosda
  • Gaffer: Bernd Hübner
  • Assistant Editor: Leni Pütz-Savieto
  • Production Driver: Martin Karlinski
  • Production Driver: Ruediger Kersting
  • Production Secretary: Catherine Coste
  • Production Assistant: Franck Glemin
  • Title Designer: Uli Mayer
  • Catering: Wolfgang Rapior
  • Production Accountant: Inge Ruf
  • Catering: Annette Seggert
  • Thanks: Pierre Bergam
  • Thanks: Ulla Fukosawa-Oberbeckmann
  • Thanks: Major Gick
  • Thanks: François Lehr
  • Best Boy Electric: Klaus Bieling

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  1. CinemaSerf dice:

    Bruno Ganz is on top form in this characterful study of desire - physical and spiritual. He is "Daniel" an angel invisible to all but his own kind (and to the innocence of children) who finds himself, with his colleague "Cassiel" (Otto Sander) policing the city of Berlin at the end of the second world war. Needless to say, there are no shortages of claimants on their compassion and they do what they can to help assuage the difficulties faced by the desperate and the struggling. When he alights on circus trapeze artiste "Marion" (Solveig Dommartin) though, "Daniel" starts to have doubts. His entire raison d'être starts to become compromised as he realises that there are benefits to being mortal, and human, and that being in love is probably the greatest of these. Up until this moment, his life has been intangible and he determines that must change. It's risky though... There are no guarantees! It's a bit of a slow burn so don't expect a great deal to happen quickly. It is, however, quite a potent tale of realising priorities and dealing with demons - some more apparent than others - told in a gradually accumulating, effective and emotionally charged manner. It is not in the least sentimental but just as the angels observe their subjects, we are invited by Wim Wenders to do the same with them - and it's surprisingly effective to watch as some of the questions and challenges facing him could easily be applied to those in the audience. The monochrome photography is also striking and well authenticates the scenario of a desolate and despairing post war environment. Perhaps serendipity takes too big an hand at the end, but... you decide.

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