Where Hands Touch

Where Hands Touch

Germany, 1944. Leyna, the 15-year old daughter of a white German mother and a black African father, meets Lutz, a compassionate member of the Hitler Youth whose father is a prominent Nazi soldier, and they form an unlikely connection in this quickly changing world.

Original Title: Where Hands Touch
Year: 2018
Countries: United Kingdom
Category: War,Drama,Romance
Languages: English,Français
Production Companies: Isle of Man Film,Head Gear Films,BFI,uMedia,Metrol Technology,British Film Company,Pinewood Pictures,Tantrum Films
Gender: War,Drama,Romance
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1235187
Movie Cast:

  • Leyna: Amandla Stenberg
  • Lutz: George MacKay
  • Leyna's Aryan Mother: Abbie Cornish
  • SS Officer (Lutz's Father): Christopher Eccleston
  • Juttner: Alec Newman
  • Gunter: Will Attenborough
  • Wihelm Warner: Tom Goodman-Hill
  • SS Guard: Simon Harrison
  • Sebastian: Ethan Rouse
  • Koen: Tom Sweet

Movie Crew:

  • Director of Photography: Remi Adefarasin
  • Executive Producer: Adrian Politowski
  • Executive Producer: Steve Milne
  • Editor: Steve Singleton
  • Executive Producer: Shaun Compton Ross
  • Executive Producer: Gilles Waterkeyn
  • Director: Amma Asante
  • Producer: Charlie Hanson
  • Executive Producer: Robert Norris
  • Production Design: Arwel Jones
  • Executive Producer: Christian Eisenbeiss
  • Stunt Coordinator: Olivier Bisback
  • Executive Producer: Bastien Sirodot
  • First Assistant "A" Camera: Stéphane Renard
  • Executive Producer: Ivan Dunleavy
  • Original Music Composer: Anne Chmelewsky
  • Stunts: Zarene Dallas
  • Publicist: Will Wood

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    1 Review

  1. _Ah yes, my first review on this website that I had no idea existed until yesterday because I wanted a better version to IMDb is a review for a Nazi sympathizer film..._

    _**Sigh... This is going to be a very interesting review**_

    I actually wrote a review for this monstrosity on IMDb, but for some reason it won't appear on my profile... So I'll just write it here instead!

    "Where Hands Touch" is a 2018 historical fiction film taking place in Nazi Germany in 1944, starring Amanda Stenberg as the main protagonist and George MacKay as her literal Nazi boyfriend!

    (_Yayyyy! So **fun!**_)

    Anyways... Let's drive straight into the utter mayhem that is the plot of this film!

    Leyna is a biracial teenager (she's an Afro German) living in Nazi Germany. It's 1944 and somehow Leyna and her family isn't dead even tho her skin is clearly black. While wandering through the streets of Berlin (somehow not being caught), Leyna meets Lutz, a cute German teenager who's the same age as her... Who's also in Hitler Youth and has a Nazi father. You would think that Leyna and Lutz would be enemies (she's a biracial teenager living in a country where the only political party is trying to kill everyone who isn't white, while he's literally **apart** of that political party that is trying to kill everyone who isn't white), but nope, not at all. Leyna and Lutz somehow develop a **literal romance**

    As a history nerd, I've obviously learned the topic of World War II a lot (and I mean **a lot**), but obviously, since I am not German nor Polish nor from any of the countries that experienced the Holocaust, I don't know a lot about the topic of the Holocaust. So I got my Berlin-based online friend, Kiara (or Cxnnxmxn as she's known online), to educate me on some things about the Holocaust, Germany during that period, what the Nazis did to Jews and the Poles, ect.

    What's interesting about Kiara is that she isn't just German, she's actually Half **German** Half **Polish**, with a German father and a Polish mother. Meaning, that she is a descendant of **both** the Nazis and Holocaust victims. Hell, her grandfather was a literal nazi sympathizer who absolutely despise her parents' relationship because of her mother's nationality. Despite this, they got married because he died, and that's how Kiara was born. So, big thanks to Kiara for helping me with this review ^^

    Not only does this film openly **want** you to make you sympathize with these disgraceful human being we call the Nazis, but it also glorifies them. It's giving us the message that "**nOt aLL nAziS wErE bAd So We ShOuLd SyMpAtHiZe WiTh ThEm**", which _**might**_ be true, but that doesn't mean we should sympathize with **all** of them. Hell, Lutz isn't even one of the good Nazis. He's openly pro-Hitler, pro-war, pro-Nazi, pro-Axis, anti-Allies and anti-semetic. There's this one part where he doesn't like the smell of the concentration camp Leyna was sent to, but that doesn't mean he's automatically anti-concentration camps. I'm pretty sure he's just anti-smell of the concentration camps and anti-Leyna being in a concentration camp. I'm just way to tired to even cover the chaos that is this film's plot, if you wanna know the entire plot while not watching it, watch Graysons Projects' video on the film titled "WHY Are There So Many Nazi Sympathizer Movies?? | Where Hands Touch"

    I literally don't understand all the good reviews at all. Like, did the people who wrote good reviews for this dumpster fire accidentally watch the satirical masterpiece that is Jojo Rabbit? Or did they think that it's just "SaTiRe" like my favorite anime, Hetalia (which, is also a satirical masterpiece). Like bruh... Everyone I've met or seen that has watched this film (except Kiara and Graysons Project) has only **positive** things to say about

    Okay, to be fair, it's okay for a German man to fall in love with a Polish woman (just ask Kiara). And it's also okay for a German man to fall in love with a Jew. **And** it's also okay for a German man to fall in love with a **biracial** person just like what happened with Leyna and Lutz. Obviously, love has no limits when it comes to race, religion or gender (it does have limits to age and species tho). However, the only time it is **not** okay for a German to be inlove with a biracial is when the German is a legitimate **Nazi**. The only characters I liked in this abomination is Leyna's mom, since she's the only character here that actually has a **brain**

    _**Ugh... I'm just so tired of stuff like this... At this point I'm gonna be re-watching Bee And Puppycat and Hetalia for the rest of my life**..._

    Link to Graysons Projects' video - https://youtu.be/QI9jD0IrI-c

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