What! The Heist

What! The Heist

A criminal nicknamed "Godfather" breaks out of jail to complete a mission given to him by his boss, titled "Lottery Heist". After recruiting an unsuspecting actor desperate for money to help his sick daughter, they begin to execute their grand plan. The plan involves swapping out lotto balls to win the jackpot, a prize worth $100 million. As they work through things step-by-step, it soon comes to light that Godfather`s boss plans to kill everyone involved after the mission is completed. Godfather and his new recruit now have to plot to save their lives and keep the money for themselves.

Original Title: 发财联盟
Year: 2023
Countries: Malaysia,Singapore
Category: Comedy,Crime
Languages: 普通话
Production Companies: Asia Tropical Films,The Film Engine Sdn. Bhd.
Gender: Comedy,Crime
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt24973372
Movie Cast:

  • ...: Mark Lee
  • ...: Patricia Mok
  • ...: Henry Thia
  • ...: Jaspers Lai
  • ...: Jack Lim
  • ...: Gan Mei Yan
  • ...: Ahirine Ahirudin
  • ...: Grace Teo
  • ...: Hao Ren
  • ...: Teng Yuan

Movie Crew:

  • Executive Producer: Jack Lim
  • Executive Producer: Mark Lee
  • Writer: Matt Lai
  • Director of Photography: Yik Sing Loh
  • Writer: Jaspers Lai
  • Producer: Ng Shoak Leng
  • Second Assistant Camera: Wai Kin Yong

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