What Remains

What Remains

A small town pastor is forced to reckon with an act of forgiveness when the convict he forgave for murdering his wife returns to town five years later.

Original Title: What Remains
Year: 2022
Countries: United States of America
Category: Drama,Mystery
Languages: English
Production Companies: Sharpened Iron Studios
Gender: Drama,Mystery
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt11245850
Movie Cast:

  • Marshall: Cress Williams
  • Troy: Kellan Lutz
  • Maureen: Anne Heche
  • Samuel: Marcus Gladney Jr.
  • Scott: Stelio Savante
  • Kaitlyn: Juliana Destefano

Movie Crew:

  • Producer: Ralph Winter
  • Executive Producer: Korey Scott Pollard
  • Writer: Nathan Scoggins
  • Executive Producer: Sean Doherty

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