After being caught stealing from her employers, club dancer Lucía seeks shelter with her estranged sister and niece in the Venus, a decrepit apartment complex on the outskirts of Madrid. Soon, Lucía discovers the apartment complex harbors a dark secret threatening to reveal itself after an unexpected solar eclipse.

Original Title: Venus
Year: 2022
Countries: Spain
Category: Horror,Crime,Action
Languages: Español
Production Companies: Pokeepsie Films,Sony Pictures International Productions,The Fear Collection II, A.I.E.
Gender: Horror,Crime,Action
Movie Cast:

  • Lucía: Ester Expósito
  • Rocío: Ángela Cremonte
  • Alba: Inés Fernández
  • ...: Magüi Mira
  • ...: Fernando Valdivielso
  • ...: Federico Aguado

Movie Crew:

  • Director: Jaume Balagueró
  • Producer: Álex de la Iglesia
  • Short Story: H.P. Lovecraft
  • Producer: Carolina Bang
  • Screenplay: Fernando Navarro

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