Vecna (Stranger Things) vs Freddy Krueger: Face Off

Vecna (Stranger Things) vs Freddy Krueger: Face Off

When it comes to being the dream master, only one entity can wear the crown. In 1984, Wes Craven created the ultimate dream boogeyman with Freddy Krueger A nightmare on Elm Street. Freddy was revealed to be the bastard son of a hundred lunatics turned psychopathic child killer. When a technicality got him off scot-free, the Elm Street parents came together to administer their own justice by burning him alive. Little did they know that in their children's dreams he would return to exact revenge.

Vecna ​​is fairly new to the game but was revealed in the last season of stranger things being the puppeteer behind all of Hawkins' misery throughout the show. He started out as a young child with incredible psychic abilities. When he decided to murder his entire family directly with this newfound power, he was sent to the secret government organization to find out exactly where his abilities came from. After an encounter with the powerful Eleven, he was transported to a mysterious new world in an attempt to escape. It was there that he realized his true power and sought a way to return to the real world to take over.

Both characters use dreams, trance, and visual tricks to attack their prey. With their abilities, they can overpower their target and instill a lot of fear in them. The rules also apply to both: if you die in your dreams, then you really die. But only one of them can prevail. Who will be the ultimate nightmare boogeyman? Let's find out here on... FACE OFF!

This episode of Face Off was written by Bryan Wolford, narrated by Shawn Knippelberg and edited by Stephen White. But let's not have the last word - tell us in the comments which Master of Dreams is your choice! Freddy Krueger or Vecna?

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