Two Witches

Two Witches

A matriarchal witch passes on her sinister inheritance to her grand-daughter, triggering the most horrific curses.

Original Title: Two Witches
Year: 2022
Countries: United States of America
Category: Horror
Languages: English
Production Companies: Incubofilms,The Rancon Company
Gender: Horror
Movie Cast:

  • Sarah: Belle Adams
  • Masha's one night stand: Jacob DeMonte-Finn
  • Dustin: Tim Fox
  • Charlie: Clint Glenn Hummel
  • Mary: Danielle Kennedy
  • Masha: Rebekah Kennedy
  • Rachel: Kristina Klebe
  • Simon: Ian Michaels
  • Rachel's colleague: Lindsey Rose Naves
  • Paul: Julien Marlon Samani
  • Melissa: Dina Silva
  • Coven witch 1: Emma Wilde

Movie Crew:

  • Cinematography: Pierre Tsigaridis
  • Visual Effects: Benoit Mannequin
  • Writer: Maxime Rancon
  • Visual Effects: Remi Dessinges

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