Thorn of War

Thorn of War

A son gets radicalized by an extremist group online. One night he decides to leave for Syria to join the rebels fight against the regime. To bring him back, his mother takes the most dangerous trip of her life. Disguises as a journalist, she joins a convoy to get into the combat zone; and ends up surrounded by a patrol of Kurdish fighters. Being ambushed by the militia and surviving, she witnesses the devastations of war and a world in agony. But her unconditional love for her child and determination, allows her the courage to overcome ever obstacle and survive. All she wants is to bring her son home alive.

Original Title: Thorn of War
Year: 2022
Countries: Morocco
Category: Action,War
Languages: Français,العربية,English
Production Companies:
Gender: Action,War
Movie Cast:

  • ...: Aziz Dhiouer
  • ...: Noufissa Benchehida

Movie Crew:

  • Writer: Brahim Chkiri

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