The Outlaws

The Outlaws

In Chinatown, law and order is turned upside down when a trio of feral Chinese gangsters arrive, start terrorizing civilians, and usurping territory. The beleaguered local gangsters team up with the police, lead by the badass loose cannon Ma Seok-do, to bring them down. Based on a true story.

Original Title: 범죄도시
Year: 2017
Countries: South Korea
Category: Action,Crime
Languages: 한국어/조선말
Production Companies: Michigan Venture Capital,BA Entertainment,Union Investment Partners,Plus M,Hong Film,Kiwi Media Group,Big Punch Pictures
Gender: Action,Crime
Movie Cast:

  • Ma Seok-do: Ma Dong-seok
  • Jang Chen: Yoon Kye-sang
  • President Hwang: Jo Jae-yun
  • Jeon Il-man: Choi Gwi-hwa
  • Do Seung-woo: Lim Hyung-jun
  • Wi Seong-rak: Jin Sun-kyu
  • Oh Dong-gyun: Heo Dong-won
  • Kang Hong-seok: Ha Jun
  • Yang-tae: Kim Sung-kyu
  • Ahn Hye-gyeong: Yoo Ji-yeon
  • I-soo's Man: Min Moo-je
  • Jang I-soo: Park Ji-hwan
  • Wang-oh: Uhm Ji-sung
  • Head of the investigation team: Cho Jin-woong
  • Chief of Police: Jeong In-gi
  • Dok-sa (uncredited): Heo Sung-tae
  • Forensic doctor (uncredited): Jung In-gyeom
  • Airport Officer (uncredited): Ye Jung-hwa
  • Kang Hong-seok's Fiancée (uncredited): Yoon Joo
  • Park Byoung-sik (uncredited): Hong Gi-jun
  • Chun-sik's man: Lee Kyu-ho
  • Tattoo man: Geum Gwang-san
  • Gasoline: Yoon Byung-hee

Movie Crew:

  • Fight Choreographer: Jeon Jae-hyeong
  • Editor: Kim Sun-min
  • Original Music Composer: Mowg
  • Executive Producer: Ma Dong-seok
  • Costume Design: Kim Kyeong-mi
  • Executive Producer: Jang Won-seok
  • Production Design: Kim Seong-gyu
  • Writer: Kang Yun-sung
  • Adaptation: Lee Seok-geun
  • Stunts: Noh Nam-seok
  • VFX Supervisor: Kim Nam-sik
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Yoon Dae-won
  • Director of Photography: Ju Sung-lim
  • Makeup & Hair: Nam Ji-soo
  • Producer: Yoo Young-chae
  • Executive Producer: Jung Cheol-ung
  • Sound Supervisor: Gong Tae-won
  • Executive Producer: Kim Hong-baek
  • Assistant Director: Lee Sang-yong
  • Lighting Director: Choi Jong-ha
  • Set Decoration: Kim Deok-du
  • Props: Jin Hoon
  • Fight Choreographer: Heo Myeong-haeng
  • Stunts: Kim Seon-wung
  • Digital Intermediate: Park Jin-young
  • Camera Operator: Yang Hyeon-seok
  • Production Sound Mixer: Jeon Young-gi
  • Line Producer: Kim Won-hun
  • Storyboard: Lee Yoon-ho

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