The Last Manhunt

The Last Manhunt

In 1909, Willie Boy and his love Carlota go on the run after he accidentally shoots her father in a confrontation gone terribly wrong. With President Taft coming to the area, the local sheriff leads two Native American trackers seeking justice for their “murdered” tribal leader.

Original Title: The Last Manhunt
Year: 2022
Category: Western
Languages: English
Production Companies: On the Roam
Gender: Western
Movie Cast:

  • Big Jim: Jason Momoa
  • Willie Boy: Martin Sensmeier
  • Carlotta: Mainei Kinimaka
  • ...: Lily Gladstone
  • ...: Zahn McClarnon
  • ...: Tantoo Cardinal
  • ...: Raoul Max Trujillo
  • ...: Brandon Oakes

Movie Crew:

  • Casting: John Papsidera
  • Story: Jason Momoa
  • Director: Christian Camargo
  • Executive Producer: Dan Clifton
  • Costume Design: Camille Benda
  • Production Design: Charlotte Royer
  • Original Music Composer: Ohad Benchetrit
  • Original Music Composer: Justin Small
  • Executive Producer: Brian Andrew Mendoza
  • Casting: Kim Winther
  • Producer: Eric Laciste
  • Story: Thomas Pa'a Sibbett
  • Producer: Martin Kistler
  • Editor: Jason Dopko
  • Executive Producer: Jeanie Buss
  • Director of Photography: J.P. Alvarez
  • Executive Producer: Stacy Kennedy
  • Executive Producer: Michael Acierno
  • Executive Producer: Frank Acierno Sr.
  • Executive Producer: John Yannacone

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