The Kappa: What You Need To Know Before You Encounter One – Infinite Rabbit Hole

The Kappa: What You Need To Know Before You Encounter One – Infinite Rabbit Hole

It's time for a new episode of the Paranormal Network video podcast Infinite rabbit hole, and in this one, the show's hosts investigate the legend of the kappa, a creature said to lurk in the lakes and rivers of Japan. They break down the stories, sightings, and evidence of its existence. They find the kappa both hilarious and terrifying - and discuss its connections to some of the more well-known cryptids. To learn all about the Kappa, check out the video embedded above!

Here is the information about it Infinite rabbit hole and its hosts:

Welcome to the infinite rabbit hole! The podcast that always goes the extra mile and has a habit of making you think twice about reality. One path might lead into the deepest forests of the Pacific Northwest to track down everyone's favorite upright-walking monster, and the next path might take us to the bottom of the ocean to discover the source of the Bloop, or maybe we'll be kidnapped and taken there Zeta Reticuli (that's of course if you believe outer space is real). Jake, Jeff, Kenzar and Jeremy offer their unique perspectives on the world to match our own as they act as your guides down the infinite rabbit hole!

Jeremy Socha: Cryptid enthusiast, folklore archaeologist, and all-around curious. Jeremy is just beginning his introduction as a powerhouse in the world of the unknown. Brace yourself because he's only just started this journey, but once he gets going he'll blow your mind!

Jacob Owens: Jake spends his time enjoying the great outdoors and would rather hike a trail, fish, or ride his motorcycle than spend the day indoors at any time. He believes in the truths of the Bible and sees the world through the lens of Christianity and the love of Jesus.

Jeff Fernandez: Conspiracy oriented truth seeker. Jeff believes nothing and everything at once. He questions everything, including his own theories, and has many of them at hand. Put on your tinfoil hat and buckle into your DeLorean because this ride is going to be wild!

Kenzar Benson: Kenzar would much rather spend her time outdoors looking for a ghost town or crypt, but it gets cold in the Great White North so that's not always an option. Kenzar is willing to dive deep into any topic, loves a little bit of everything and is always asking questions. Nothing can stop them from finding answers, except maybe owls.

A few of the previous episodes of Infinite rabbit hole can be seen below. To see more go to Paranormal Network YouTube channel - and subscribe to the channel while you're there! The Paranormal Network is home to such shows as We Want to Believe, Hunting the Haunted, The UFO Show, That Bigfoot Show, UFO Incidents, and myths.

What do you think of the new episode of Infinite rabbit hole and the legend of the Kappa? Share your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below.

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