The Independent

The Independent

It's the final weeks of the most consequential presidential election in history. America is poised to elect either its first female president or its first viable independent candidate. Reporting history as it's made, an idealistic young journalist teams up with her idol, legendary journalist Nick Booker, to uncover a conspiracy that places the fate of the election, and the country, in their hands.

Original Title: The Independent
Year: 2022
Countries: United States of America
Category: Thriller
Languages: English
Production Companies: Revelations Entertainment,Anonymous Content,Park Pictures Features,The Exchange
Gender: Thriller
Movie Cast:

  • Elisha "Eli" James: Jodie Turner-Smith
  • Nick Booker: Brian Cox
  • Sharon Romney: Ali Marsh
  • Lucas Nicoll: Luke Kirby
  • Nate Sterling: John Cena
  • Patricia Turnball: Ann Dowd
  • Jennifer Cooke: Margaret Odette
  • Kathy Gibbs: Alysia Reiner
  • President Archer: Victor Slezak
  • Tom Mayfield: Timothy Busfield
  • Penny James: Imani Love
  • Gordon: Stephen Lang
  • Jack Hampton: George Aloi
  • Rachel Atkins: Julianne Arrieta
  • Justin: Michael Gandolfini
  • Lynn James: Kecia Lewis
  • Max Feingold: Zane Pais
  • Kevin Conrad: Andrew Richardson
  • Receptionist: Lily Yin

Movie Crew:

  • Director: Amy Rice
  • Producer: Sam Bisbee
  • Publicist: Laurent Boyé
  • Producer: Theodora Dunlap
  • Producer: Ryan H. Cunningham
  • Writer: Evan Parter
  • Producer: Caddy Vanasirikul

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