The Hyperions

The Hyperions

In 1960, Professor Ruckus Mandulbaum invented the Titan badge - a device that enables humans to have a particular super power. He took in three down-on-their-luck youths, creating an unusual family of superheroes and they quickly rose to fame and prestige. Over time, however, the commercial family fractured and the Professor replaced the team with a new set of super hero teens. Cut to 1979, when two of the original superheroes are all grown up and wanting their Titan badges back, even if it means robbing the Professor's museum and taking a few hostages accidentally.

Original Title: The Hyperions
Year: 2022
Countries: United States of America
Category: Action,Science Fiction,Comedy
Languages: English
Production Companies: Archstone Pictures,ReKon Productions,Saban Films,Justin Bell Productions,American Millimetre
Gender: Action,Science Fiction,Comedy
Movie Cast:

  • Professor Ruckus Mandulbaum: Cary Elwes
  • Vista Mandulbaum: Penelope Mitchell
  • Maya: Elaine Tan
  • Ansel: Alphonso McAuley
  • Apollo: Tanner Buchanan
  • Delano: Sal Lopez
  • Captain Woodcock: Andrew Patrick Ralston
  • Sandra: Annie Korzen
  • Hugh Montgomery: Jan Munroe

Movie Crew:

  • Writer: Jon McDonald

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    1 Review

  1. bcorrel2 dice:

    The Daily Wire's _The Hyperions_ envisions itself as an atypical superhero story: part action flick, part comedy. However, it merely serves as proof that being different is not necessarily the same as being good. As a superhero movie, there was a noticeable lack of super powers, the budget for which was seemingly non-existent For an action flick, the movie was poorly paced, with brief moments of action being bookended by long, drawn-out stints of dialouge. For a comedy, laughs are few and far between, with it's signature dry-wit all too often falling flat. From a writing perspective, the script was poorly written, with plot elements floating in and out of the story as needed. While the movie's more artistic touches, such as hand drawn animation, were appreciated, they ultimately made little impact on the overall outcome. Overall, I found the movie's trailer to be far more enjoyable than the actual film. The Daily Wire dropped a real bomb with _The Hyperions_, a mistake they should take care not to repeat.

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