A night. Dozens of stories. A city. Lică, a taxi driver, is an all knowing guy, while Liviu, his friend, also a taxi driver keeps a lot to himself. They are completely different and their ideas about life and people only meet when they are eating and drinking at the bar. They are frustrated with their jobs. For Lică money is the most important thing, while Liviu thinks that a happy and fulfilling life represents more. They are trying to rediscover who they are and what they can do with their life, all while being on an on going adventure on the streets of Bucharest where they cross paths with all kinds of clients who end up having an impact on their lives, for better and also for worse.

Original Title: Taximetriști
Year: 2023
Category: Comedy
Languages: Română
Production Companies: Tangaj Production,Bold Film Studio
Gender: Comedy
Movie Cast:

  • Lică: Alexandru Ion
  • Liviu: Rolando Matsangos
  • Paul: Vlad Ionut Popescu
  • ...: Monica Bârlădeanu
  • ...: Andi Vasluianu
  • ...: Maria Popistașu
  • ...: Victoria Raileanu
  • ...: Adrian Nicolae
  • ...: Ana Maria Guran
  • ...: Cosmin Nedelcu
  • ...: Ștefania Circu
  • ...: Nicoleta Hâncu
  • ...: Adi Bulboacă
  • ...: Carol Ionescu
  • ...: Madalina Stoica
  • ...: Adrian Ban
  • ...: Alex Mircioi
  • ...: Emma Mateciuc

Movie Crew:

  • Writer: Bogdan Theodor Olteanu
  • Editor: Tudor D Popescu
  • Producer: Vlad Grăjdan
  • Writer: Adrian Nicolae

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