Sunetra Sundaram

The film will revolve around a female scholar. Although a scholar, her body does not always give her pleasure. She suffers from Kidney Problem. As a result, he has no control over his own urination. You can't press even if you want to. As it sounds, this is a really big problem in our society. Even after so many years of independence we do not have all the necessary things everywhere. There are many places where there is a need but no toilet. Or even if it is, most of the time it is not usable.

Original Title: সুনেত্রা সুন্দরম
Year: 2023
Countries: Bangladesh,India
Category: Drama
Languages: বাংলা
Production Companies:
Gender: Drama
Movie Cast:

  • ...: Sreelekha Mitra
  • ...: Parno Mittra
  • ...: Somraj Maity
  • ...: Farzana Chumki

Movie Crew:

  • Director: Shiv Ram Sharma

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