Summer to Come

Summer to Come

The film homes in on a relatively taboo subject which also seems to be a rising phenomenon in recent years: teenage suicide. Written by the director, the story revolves around a class of high schoolers who are attending a summer camp. Restless 18-year-old Milán is preparing his very own showdown. A love triangle is forming between himself, Anna and Dani. The tension mounts during a hike, at the end of which the three of them are sent home. The question of their feelings remains unresolved, and the showdown never happens. One year later, following graduation, the camp takes place once again. But Milán is no longer with them: he took his own life during the previous semester. His classmates remember him and struggle to process their loss…

Original Title: Jövő nyár
Year: 2023
Countries: Hungary
Category: Drama
Languages: Magyar
Production Companies: Café Film,Proton Cinema
Gender: Drama
Movie Cast:

  • ...: Brezovszky Dániel György
  • ...: Orsolya Bukovszky
  • ...: Liber Ágoston

Movie Crew:

  • Co-Producer: Tamás Hutlassa
  • Executive Producer: Kornél Mundruczó
  • Producer: Viktória Petrányi
  • Director of Photography: Gergely Pálos
  • Director: György Mór Kárpáti
  • Editor: Dániel Tokár

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