Prancer: A Christmas Tale

Prancer: A Christmas Tale

Ten-year-old Gloria and her recently widowed grandfather Bud befriend a mysterious reindeer when the family gather for Christmas. Bud comes to believe that Prancer may actually be magical, but Gloria fears his theory will send him straight to a retirement home.

Original Title: Prancer: A Christmas Tale
Year: 2022
Category: Family,Fantasy
Production Companies:
Gender: Family,Fantasy
Movie Cast:

  • Bud: James Cromwell
  • Gloria: Darcey Ewart
  • Claire: Sarah-Jane Potts
  • Gerald: Aaron McCusker
  • Finn Wally: Joseph Millson
  • Erica: Stephanie Levi-John
  • Haley: Florisa Kamara
  • Tyler: Lucas Persaud
  • Sally: Jessica Blake
  • Iffy: Jim Findley
  • Tevin: Christopher Jeffers
  • Nancy: Holly Hayes

Movie Crew:

  • Producer: Raffaella De Laurentiis
  • Casting: Gillian Hawser
  • Line Producer: Hester Hargett
  • Writer: Greg Taylor
  • Music: Mark McKenzie
  • Director: Phil Hawkins
  • Construction Coordinator: Eugen Anghelescu
  • Production Manager: Marian Pascale
  • Key Hair Stylist: Alexandra Bârlădeanu
  • Co-Producer: Matthew Feitshans
  • Post Production Supervisor: Guy Langlois
  • Cinematography: James Oldham
  • Art Direction: Luca Bucura
  • First Assistant Director: Miguel Gallego

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