In recent years, Viktor Pelevin has been releasing a novel every year, each with a circulation of about 100 thousand copies - this is one of the best results in the country. At the same time, he has not given interviews for almost 20 years, does not appear in public and, according to rumors, does not live in Russia. Film director Rodion Chepel makes an attempt to combat hoaxes. To do this, he studied the archives, the early works of Viktor Pelevin and interviewed people who knew him.

Original Title: Пелевин
Year: 2022
Countries: Russia
Category: Documentary,Animation
Languages: Pусский
Production Companies: Amur Waves,MTS Media (KION)
Gender: Documentary,Animation
Movie Cast:

  • self: Evgeny Petrenko
  • self: Viktor Kulle
  • self: Hermes Zygott
  • self: Olga Aminova
  • self: Alena Doletskaya
  • self: Galina Yuzefovich
  • self: Bronislav Vinogrodsky
  • self: Igor Chechetkin
  • self: Sergey Moskalev

Movie Crew:

  • Director of Photography: Mikhail Orkin
  • Camera Operator: Vadim Chayukov
  • Camera Operator: Dmitry Krylov
  • Sound: Roman Bakharev
  • Creative Producer: Alexander Urzhanov
  • Camera Operator: Kseniya Kazazaeva
  • Producer: Igor Mishin
  • Screenplay: Alexey Kobylkov
  • Camera Operator: Sergey Valtsov
  • Camera Operator: Egor Koval
  • Producer: Maxim Filatov
  • Creative Producer: Rodion Chepel
  • Line Producer: Polina Shevchenko
  • Creative Producer: Igor Sadreev
  • Producer: Angelina Golikova
  • Creative Producer: Natalya Isakova
  • Executive Producer: Irina Kolmykova
  • Editor: Darya Merinova
  • Sound: Denis Bogatov

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