My Father, Myself

My Father, Myself

Robert and his wife have a daughter and an adopted son, Matthew, whose biological father is Robert's deceased best friend and former lover, Domeng. Conflict ensues as Robert becomes sexually attracted to a teenage Matthew while Matthew impregnates his stepsister much to the shame of the family matriarch.

Original Title: My Father, Myself
Year: 2022
Countries: Philippines
Production Companies: 3:16 Media Network,Mentorque Productions
Movie Cast:

  • ...: Jake Cuenca
  • ...: Dimples Romana
  • ...: Sean de Guzman
  • ...: Tiffany Grey
  • ...: Allan Paule
  • ...: Jim Pebanco
  • ...: AC Carrillo
  • ...: Shawn Niño Gabriel
  • ...: Mon Mendoza
  • ...: Erynn Garcia
  • ...: KC Contreras
  • ...: Rayah Minioza
  • ...: Joseph San Jose

Movie Crew:

  • Story: Joel Lamangan
  • Music: Von De Guzman
  • Line Producer: Dennis C. Evangelista
  • Editor: Gilbert Obispo
  • Director of Photography: TM Malones
  • Assistant Director: Rosswil Hilario
  • Production Design: Jay Custodio
  • Assistant Director: Jose Abdel Langit
  • Sound: Fatima Nerikka P. Salim
  • Screenplay: Quinn Carrillo
  • Executive Producer: Len Carillo
  • Executive Producer: Win Salgado
  • Executive Producer: Nikko Abad
  • Executive Producer: Jomer Corpuz
  • Executive Producer: John Bryan Diamante

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