Detectives Jake Doyle and Mary Kelly seek the help of an incarcerated serial killer named The Artist when a copycat killer strikes. While Mary searches for clues in The Artist's brilliant but twisted psyche, she and Jake are lured into a diabolical game of cat and mouse, racing against time to stay one step ahead of The Artist and his copycat.

Original Title: Mindcage
Year: 2022
Countries: United States of America
Category: Thriller
Languages: English
Production Companies: Buffalo 8,BondIt,Daniel Grodnik Productions,Boomtown Media Partners
Gender: Thriller
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt14147224
Movie Cast:

  • Jake Doyle: Martin Lawrence
  • Mary Kelly: Melissa Roxburgh
  • The Artist: John Malkovich
  • Dale: Aiden Turner
  • Dutch: Jacob Grodnik
  • Homeless Man: Chris Mullinax
  • Father Linares: Ritchie Montgomery
  • Detective Kayne: Kira Reed Lorsch
  • The Copycat: Jeremy Turner
  • Voodoo Priestess: Cassandra Gava
  • Confused Boy: Joshua Weatherby
  • Guard #1: Barry Clifton
  • Assistant: Victoria Fox
  • Dr. Loesch: Neb Chupin
  • The Artist's Mother: Laura Shatkus
  • Guard #2: Mike Stutz
  • Priest: Billy Ray Estes
  • Forensic Cop: John Honey
  • Forensic Agent: Brooke Bierhaus
  • Mr. Langdon: Mark Landon Smith
  • The Old Lady: Katherine Forbes

Movie Crew:

  • Executive Producer: Robert Knepper
  • Director: Mauro Borrelli
  • Producer: Cassandra Gava
  • Producer: Daniel Grodnik
  • Executive Producer: Phil Hunt
  • Executive Producer: Shaun Compton Ross
  • Executive Producer: Viviana Zarragoitia
  • Executive Producer: Matthew Helderman
  • Executive Producer: Luke Taylor
  • Producer: Oscar Generale
  • Producer: Mitchell Welch
  • Executive Producer: Tyler Gould
  • Writer: Reggie Keyohara III
  • Executive Producer: Charli Traylor

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