Martin Scorsese obeys the cult of They Live

Martin Scorsese obeys the cult of They Live
Martin Scorsese obeys the cult of They Live

As with the cult following of fans of John Carpenter's remarkably poignant 1988 sci-fi action film you live, Martin Scorsese will obey. In a review Scorsese wrote some years ago but now go viral, called the legendary director you live as "One of the best films by a good American director."

In his review of you liveMartin Scorsese offered an analysis of the issues. “This film was Carpenter's commentary on what he saw as the excesses of the Reagan era, and the film shares many qualities with images made during the Depression such as Heroes for Sale and Wild Boys of the Road. It's lyrical and tough at the same time, with a strong sense of community among displaced people living in makeshift homes on the outskirts of LA... and the mood is unusually sad and bitter."

But Scorsese didn't just focus on that you livewho directly praised Carpenter's style throughout his career and spoke of the "master craftsman". “There is always a handcrafted quality to his images – every cut, every move, every choice of frame and camera movement, not to mention every musical note (he composes his own scores) feels like it was composed or placed by the filmmaker himself . ”

Scorsese didn't just praise you liveeither point it out "amazing moments" in some of Carpenter's other films: "The murder of the little girl with the ice cream cone in it Attack on District 13; the appearances of Michael Myers at the very edge of the frame in Halloween; the creature's appearances in his truly terrifying remake of the thing. And the mood of his paintings is so carefully crafted and lasting. I'm a big admirer of The fogthe mood, the mystery.” A moment that stood out for Martin Scorsese you live was the iconic fight scene between Roddy Piper and Keith David, which he aptly named "incredibly long." And why not recreate with one of your old WWF characters and NECA's incredibly cool Frank Armitage?

We may not know if John Carpenter ever read Martin Scorsese's version you livebut if he did, he might be tackling the much-discussed sequel.

Martin Scorsese makes valid observations in his review of you live? What do you think about the movie? Where does it rank with other John Carpenter greats?

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