Luca Guadagnino and Taylor Russell talk Bones and All

Luca Guadagnino and Taylor Russell talk Bones and All

Luca Guadagnino is a filmmaker for whom I have the greatest respect. Out of call me by your name to i am loveand his unique attitude sigh, I have become an admirer of his work. And his latest is somewhat shocking and, for some, more than a little disturbing. bones and all is a story about two people who meet and fall in love on a road trip. And yes, they are both cannibals craving the taste of human flesh. The fascinating and at times violent feature film stars Taylor Russell and Timothee Chalamet. And that's certainly a bold feature that's challenging, intriguing, and slightly controversial.

Recently we had the pleasure of speaking to the stunning Luca Guadagnino and the amazing Taylor Russell. For Guadagnino, I asked the celebrated filmmaker how to balance violence with a love story. It's a great conversationalist, and its take on the genre is quite unique and respectable. And then there is the wonderfully talented Ms. Russell. I've been a fan of hers since I saw her waves and the escape room movies. Here she is absolutely stunning as a young girl dealing with some shocking problems. While bones and all may not be associated with some, I found the film incredibly compelling - you can view my review here.

Guadagnino directed from a script he wrote sigh Employee David Kajganich, bones and all tells the first love story between Maren (Russell), a young woman learning how to survive on the fringes of society, and Lee (Chalamet), an intense and disenfranchised drifter as they meet and end up on a thousand mile long journey Joining Odyssey takes you through the back streets, hidden passages and trapdoors of Ronald Reagan's America. But despite their best efforts, all roads lead back to their horrifying past and to a final stand that will determine if their love can survive their differences.

bones and all is currently in theaters and is about as bold a choice as you could make this Thanksgiving weekend.

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