Little Dixie

Little Dixie

Erstwhile Special Forces operative Doc Alexander is asked to broker a truce with the Mexican drug cartel in secrecy. When Oklahoma Governor Richard Jeffs celebrates the execution of a high-ranking cartel member on TV, his Chief of Staff and Doc inform him about the peace he just ended. But it’s too late, as Cuco, the cartel’s hatchet man, has set his vengeful sights on Doc’s daughter Dixie.

Original Title: Little Dixie
Year: 2023
Countries: United States of America
Category: Action,Crime,Thriller
Production Companies: Three Point Capital,Roxwell Films
Gender: Action,Crime,Thriller
Movie Cast:

  • Doc Alexander: Frank Grillo
  • Governor Richard Jeffs: Eric Dane
  • Billie Riggs: Annabeth Gish
  • Julie Reed: Mercedes Mason
  • Karl Roach: Peter Greene
  • Raphael 'Cuco' Prado: Beau Knapp
  • Clarke Moore: Thomas Dekker
  • Lalo Miguel Prado: Maurice Compte
  • Carla: Sufe Bradshaw
  • Juan Miguel Prado: Luis Da Silva Jr.
  • Texas Ranger William Autry: Slaine
  • Nell Alexander: Sofia Bryant
  • Beansie: Billy Blair
  • Emma Riggs: LaTeace Towns-Cuellar
  • Josh King: Ben Hall
  • Taylor Jeffs: Dash Melrose
  • Coka: Danny Boy O'Connor
  • Deborah Jeffs: Mykle McCoslin
  • Undertaker: S. B. Weathersby
  • Misty: Mark Stephen Ward
  • Attorney General Chip Stevens: Brett Swab
  • Fernan: Alberto Zeni
  • Special Agent Tom Hanley: Bruce Roach
  • Marta: Sierra Herd
  • Governor's Security Detail (uncredited): Dan Matteucci
  • Governor's Security Detail (uncredited): Nick W. Nicholson
  • Cartel (uncredited): Michael Sloan
  • Governor's Security Detail (uncredited): Michael Wittig

Movie Crew:

  • Music: David Sardy
  • Producer: Robert Ogden Barnum
  • Executive Producer: Ali Jazayeri
  • Executive Producer: Viviana Zarragoitia
  • Producer: John Swab
  • Line Producer: Nicole Flores
  • Sound Designer: Mike Frank
  • Producer: Jeremy M. Rosen
  • Cinematography: Will Stone
  • Production Design: Andrew Aaronson

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