L'Éléphant s'évapore

L'Éléphant s'évapore

L’éléphant s'évapore is an absurd film mixing symbols and metaphors, embodying a relationship between cinema and theatre, so to make a work exist as if in a game.
The director creates a parallel, a causal relationship between the young man Chang (elephant in Thai) and an inflatable 3D elephant: when Elephant dances, the 3D elephant inflates; when he stops dancing, the elephant deflates.
All the parallel worlds unite, becoming one dimension. The inflatable elephant reappears on a film set: the electricity is cut off, the film set and the crew disappear: the real world disappears, leaving the place to the 3D elephant, free of any support, and to the voice-over which takes control, like in a game.

Original Title: L'Éléphant s'évapore
Year: 2023
Production Companies: Le Fresnoy
Movie Cast:

    Movie Crew:

    • Director: Chuxun Ran

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