La Belle bleue

La Belle bleue

A taciturn and homebody young man invites a full of life young woman, met on the Internet, to join him in his flat for a one-night stand. Slowly, thanks to mysterious explanations, she puts down roots in his apartment. An ambivalence begins, between home invasion and desire of loneliness, fear and fascination, hate and love and, most of all, doubts about her real intentions.

Original Title: La Belle bleue
Year: 2023
Category: Comedy,Drama
Languages: Français
Production Companies:
Gender: Comedy,Drama
Movie Cast:

  • ...: Ioanna André
  • ...: Ronan De Suin

Movie Crew:

  • Writer: Ronan De Suin
  • Writer: Ioanna André
  • Music: Lou Ismael
  • Sound Mixer: Benoît Prigeant

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