King Richard

King Richard

The story of how Richard Williams served as a coach to his daughters Venus and Serena, who will soon become two of the most legendary tennis players in history.

Original Title: King Richard
Year: 2021
Countries: United States of America
Category: Drama,History
Languages: English
Production Companies: Warner Bros. Pictures,Overbrook Entertainment,Star Thrower Entertainment,Westbrook Studios
Gender: Drama,History
Movie Cast:

  • Richard Williams: Will Smith
  • Oracene "Brandy" Price: Aunjanue Ellis
  • Venus Williams: Saniyya Sidney
  • Serena Williams: Demi Singleton
  • Rick Macci: Jon Bernthal
  • Paul Cohen: Tony Goldwyn
  • Robin Finn: Susie Abromeit
  • Will Hodges: Dylan McDermott
  • Nancy Reagan: Judith Chapman
  • Anne Worchester: Katrina Begin
  • Social Worker: Erin Cummings
  • Laird Stabler: Andy Bean
  • Vic Braden: Kevin Dunn
  • Bells: Craig Tate
  • Braze: Calvin Clausell Jr.
  • Tunde Price: Mikayla LaShae Bartholomew
  • Isha Price: Daniele Lawson
  • Lyndrea Price: Layla Crawford
  • Ms. Strickland: Erika Ringor
  • PV CC Tennis Pro: Noah Bean
  • TD: Josiah Cross
  • Monsta: Vaughn W. Hebron
  • Old Patron: Jimmy Walker Jr.
  • Bud Collins: Brad Greenquist
  • Incredulous Pro: Johnno Wilson
  • Baffled Pro: Robert Nuscher
  • John McEnroe: Christopher Wallinger
  • Pete Sampras: Chase Del Rey
  • Tournament Director: Connie Ventress
  • Stacey: Vivienne Bersin
  • Stacey's Dad - Trevor: Andy Hoff
  • Line Judge: Carrie Gibson
  • Girl #3 Father: Doug Simpson
  • Deputy #1: Brandon Morales
  • Deputy #2: Wil J. Jackson
  • Tournament Official: Erica Shaffer
  • Tennis Father #2: Matt Kirkwood
  • Matthew Titone: Chet Grissom
  • Another Girl: Alden Sherrill
  • Barry: Eman Esfandi
  • Jennifer Capriati: Jessica Wacnik
  • ESPN Reporter: Jonathan Bray
  • Reporter (Florida): Robert Walker Jeffery
  • Patrick Dougherty: Rich Sommer
  • Shaun Stafford: Kaitlyn Christian
  • Tennis Announcer: Geoff Nathanson
  • Arantxa Sanchez Vicario: Marcela Zacarias
  • Pro Shop Attendant: Jake Jensen
  • Another Incredulous Pro: Chris Pentzell
  • Girl #2: Sophia Sanders
  • Girl #3: Mia Jovic
  • Girl #5: Iva Jovic
  • Girl #6 Father: Michael Andrew Baker
  • Girl #6 Father: Tom Holmes
  • Girl #8: Kamea Medora
  • Girl #8 Father: Tom Degnan
  • Woman In Crowd: Virginia Schneider
  • Chair Ump - Pro Match: Jeff Cohn
  • Neighbor: Adam Cropper
  • Tournament Official - Oakland Coliseum: Danya LaBelle
  • Pro Match Newspaper Reporter: Rod Sweitzer
  • Pro Match Tournament Staff: George Ketsios
  • Tennis Official: Valerie Davidson
  • Pro Match Line Judge: Christian Yeung
  • Pro Match Net Judge: Teri Cohn
  • Mother: Hannah Barefoot
  • Male TV Announcer: Mel Fair
  • Net Cord Linesman: Holly Haggerty
  • Rivera Country Club Waitress: Mary Pascoe
  • Chair Ump - Stafford Match: Albert Ton
  • Shouting Spectator: Ebboney Wilson
  • Female TV Announcer: Hailey Winslow
  • Pro Match TV Reporter: Chris Wolfe
  • AP3: Gunner Wright
  • Venus Fan: Tory N. Thompson
  • Tennis Coach: Sean Berube
  • Tennis Vendor: Sean Fabian Billings
  • Country Club Poolside Gal: Sophia Bui
  • Elite Tennis Player: Kika Cicmanec
  • Tennis Pro: John Dinan
  • Spectator: Diana Dray
  • Referee: Mathew Trent Hunnicutt
  • Line Judge: Jeni Jones
  • Tennis Player: Trent Longo
  • Country Club Woman: Katie McCabe
  • Parent: Aryn Nelson
  • Audience Member: Tristan Nokes
  • Florida TV Reporter: Dan Sachoff
  • Tennis Pro: Gabi Stewart

Movie Crew:

  • Production Design: Wynn Thomas
  • Producer: Will Smith
  • Director of Photography: Robert Elswit
  • Executive Producer: Lynn Harris
  • Executive Producer: Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Editor: Pamela Martin
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Ron Bartlett
  • Costume Design: Sharen Davis
  • Sound Effects Editor: Roland N. Thai
  • Production Design: William Arnold
  • Costume Supervisor: Nancy Au
  • Executive Producer: Adam Merims
  • Executive Producer: James Lassiter
  • Set Decoration: Brana Rosenfeld
  • Producer: Tim White
  • ADR Mixer: Mark DeSimone
  • Executive Producer: Jon Mone
  • Executive Producer: Venus Williams
  • Visual Effects Editor: Michael Nouryeh
  • Executive Producer: Serena Williams
  • Foley Artist: Dan O'Connell
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Richard King
  • Visual Effects Producer: Scott Puckett
  • Makeup Department Head: Jacenda Burkett
  • Director: Reinaldo Marcus Green
  • Makeup Artist: Akiko Matsumoto
  • Visual Effects: Loren Robinson
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Cliff Welsh
  • Makeup Department Head: Jennifer Zide
  • Art Direction: Christopher Brown
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Josh Berger
  • Set Costumer: Natalia Collazo
  • Art Direction: Wes Hottman
  • Executive Producer: Allan Mandelbaum
  • Co-Producer: Rick Rickertsen
  • Co-Producer: Mary Solomon
  • Producer: Trevor White
  • Sound Editor: Randy Torres
  • Makeup Artist: Maha
  • ADR Recordist: Kristin Catuogno
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Alexandre Cancado
  • Original Music Composer: Kris Bowers
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Curtis Corona
  • Set Decoration Buyer: Jenn McLaren
  • Set Costumer: Eileen Gonzales
  • Foley Mixer: Jack Cucci
  • VFX Artist: Meagan Chancellor
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Jeremy Burns
  • Writer: Zach Baylin
  • Set Dresser: Travis Nunnally
  • Set Decoration Buyer: Stephanie L. Allen
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Brandon Nelson
  • Set Designer: Emma Sparer
  • Assistant Art Director: Ryan Grossheim
  • Assistant Art Director: Linia Marie Hardy
  • Set Costumer: Lori Rozzi
  • Visual Effects Producer: Andrew Kalicki
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Christine Lawless
  • Set Costumer: Jessica Tyger Davis
  • Makeup Artist: Erica Preus
  • Key Makeup Artist: Joanetta Stowers
  • Visual Effects Producer: B.L. Jurgens
  • Executive Producer: Isha Price
  • Executive Producer: Peter Dodd
  • Drone Pilot: Gabriel De La Parra

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    6 Review

  1. pithawg dice:

    As to the acting, it was great! The biopic was about the family and the inception of greatness. It took the word "humble" to a new level. As i see it, it is a exceptional
    performance by all the actors. Note: Very little of the film is about the mechanics
    of tennis but more about the struggle to envision a dream and chase it down.
    Will Smith (King Ricard) is ready for a nomination. Hats off to the girls (Singleton)
    and (Sidney) for strong performances. I hope the Real World Williams Family enjoyed
    the film. Thanks for all the hard work in and off the courts. Inspired by all.

  2. MSB dice:


    "King Richard is not only one of my favorite movies of the year, but it's also one of the best biopics I've ever witnessed.

    The subject matter may speak more to me than to the average moviegoer due to my emotional connection to the sport, but it's the captivating story about a dedicated, loving father that ultimately grabs the viewers. Will Smith delivers one of the best performances of his career, as do Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton.

    The sport is exceptionally explored, taking the audience through the immense sacrifice a player needs to go through to become one of the very best. Technically, all filmmaking elements work together perfectly to demonstrate the physical and mental effort that tennis requires, dedicating a surprising amount of screentime to practices and matches.

    Nevertheless, the thematically rich screenplay surrounding family, self-belief, and parenthood takes the spotlight. I don't have a single bad comment to make about Reinaldo Marcus Green's film.

    Deserves all of the awards buzz it's inevitably going to receive. Don't you dare miss it!"

    Rating: A

  3. King Richard feels a little too gentle with a favourable look at a key figure in the careers of two of the most significant tennis players the world has seen.

    The script starts off intending this to be a feel good story though it’s not without some dark moments.

    It’s immediately a folksy good hearted angle for Wiliams Snr. He’s determined yet kind hearted. It’s a favourable view, but calls critics of that can be told thatAfrican American people could be cut a little slack. There’s no doubting the spirit behind the film.

    Smith’s performance is as sincere as the character is. The rest of the cast as the family and coaching staff are just as good with their performances.

    It’s a feel good film to be sure, but the thing about feel good films is that they make you feel good.

  4. badelf dice:

    This is a top notch biopic. The acting and the pacing are first-class. Admittedly, being a Florida tennis player puts the film a little closer to my heart, but still, it's a touching look at how much a parent can give so his kids have a better life. Well worth the long running time.

  5. Nathan dice:

    _King Richard_ is a heartfelt biopic that shows the rise of the triumphant Williams sisters, and the film is triumphant on all fronts.

    I thought it did a great job showing the trials and tribulations of reaching the top of any sport, while also showing the side of a father wanting to protect his black children in a white man's world. It struck a really nice balance that felt genuine.

    Will Smith is excellent in this role, one of his best in years. I can see why he was slam dunk to earn best actor at the Golden Globes. The rest of the cast did excellent as well, I was really impressed with the two girls and Jon Bernthal. Bernthal has such a diverse range for acting, he severely underrated in Hollywood.

    This film was a joy to watch, and I highly recommend.

    **Score:** _90%_
    **Verdict:** _Excellent_

  6. rsanek dice:

    Super well-done, didn't realize that the father was *this* involved nor that their family placed such a focus on education. Shame that the film now has a huge asterisk next to it thanks to Will Smith's behavior.

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