Jeremy Renner provides another health update

Jeremy Renner provides another health update

Jeremy Renner has provided another update on his condition and took to social media to thank the hospital staff tasked with his recovery after a snowplough accident that left him behind "blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries."

in a (n Instagram storyJeremy Renner posted a photo with several members of the team tending to him with the caption: "Thank you to the team at the renowned medical intensive care unit for starting this journey."

This is one of several hopeful messages Jeremy Renner has posted as he seems determined to provide fans with consistent updates. Last week, Renner posted a video of his "wellness day" on his Instagram and wrote: "A 'not great' day in ICU turned into an amazing spa day with my sister and mom. Thanks alot."

Fans have returned their love and have taken to social media to post various videos and messages in support of the actor and a speedy recovery. Jeremy Renner's Marvel co-stars have also posted messages of hope, with the three Chrises leading the charge. hemsworth wrote, "Speedy recovery, mate. Send love your way!”while Evans wrote, "Tough. Love you buddy," and Pratt posted, "Keep praying your way, brutha."

In the accident, which happened on New Year's Day, a snowplow weighing over 14,000 pounds drove over the actor. Jeremy Renner had helped a family member extricate a stuck vehicle from nearly a meter of snow. After leaving the plow, it began to roll without the actor being able to stop it. He was flown to the hospital.

Unfortunately, Renner had to spend his 52nd birthday on January 7th in the hospital. It looks like he'll be in the second season of his Paramount+ series as well Mayor of Kingston Premieres on January 15th. The series follows the powerful McLusky family, power brokers in Kingstown, Michigan, where the business of incarceration is the only thriving industry. Tackling issues such as systemic racism, corruption and inequality, the series offers a keen look at her attempt to bring order and justice to a city that lacks either.”

We hope his recovery continues. Send your positive vibes to Jeremy Renner below!

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