James Cameron apologizes for "cringe-worthy" Oscar speech

James Cameron apologizes for "cringe-worthy" Oscar speech

James Cameron, who won the Oscar for Best Director in 1997 titanicHe apologizes for his infamous "I'm the king of the world!" Speech delivered at the 70th Academy Awards calling them "cringeworthy".

JamesCameron said from his Oscar moment, "I tried to express the joy and excitement I felt about this film and the happiest moment for the character." At least he didn't try to make a sketch of the naked Oscar statue.

James Cameron continued his reflections on this Oscar speech and said: "What I've learned is that you don't cite your own film when you win...because it's pathetic. It's assuming you didn't narrowly win, but that every single person in the audience that night at the Kodak Theater saw it and loved it titanic. We'll never know how much we won, but it might not have been a landslide at all. After that I suffered for the whole 25 years, but you know, you live and you learn.” At the time, Cameron said: "I think what was interpreted as arrogance or a big 'fuck you, I told you so' wasn't what I had in mind at all."

At that time - and especially that night - James Cameron was indeed the king of the world. titanic snagged 14 Oscar nominations, a record tying to the 1950s All about Eve (it would later be rebound by 2016 la la country). It would win 11, another tie record (with 1959 Ben How; it would later be tied by 2003 as well The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King). Alongside James Cameron, who snagged an Oscar for Best Director, his recognition as a producer earned him the biggest prize of the evening, Best Picture. The only awards it didn't take home that night were Best Actress (Kate Winslet), Best Supporting Actress (Gloria Stuart) and Best Make-up.

James Cameron is a long way from taking home the Best Director Oscar for his latest film. Avatar: The Way of Water. But if he won, he wouldn't quote it from his acceptance speech. Although when I heard him say "That's called a punch, bitch!" would be a nice gesture. The sequel has climbed to number 7 on the list of top-grossing films worldwide; titanic is in 3rd place.

What did you think of James Cameron's Oscar speech? Was it sick enough to apologize for it? Let us know below!

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