Inherit the Wind

Inherit the Wind

Schoolteacher Bertram Cates is arrested for teaching his students Darwin's theory of evolution. The case receives national attention and one of the newspaper reporters, E.K. Hornbeck, arranges to bring in renowned defense attorney and atheist Henry Drummond to defend Cates. The prosecutor, Matthew Brady is a former presidential candidate, famous evangelist, and old adversary of Drummond.

Original Title: Inherit the Wind
Year: 1960
Countries: United States of America
Category: Drama,History
Languages: English,Italiano
Production Companies: United Artists,Stanley Kramer Productions
Gender: Drama,History
Movie Cast:

  • Henry Drummond: Spencer Tracy
  • Matthew Harrison Brady: Fredric March
  • E.K. Hornbeck: Gene Kelly
  • Bertram T. Cates: Dick York
  • Rachel Brown: Donna Anderson
  • Judge Mel: Harry Morgan
  • Rev. Jeremiah Brown: Claude Akins
  • Prosecutor Tom Davenport: Elliott Reid
  • Bailiff Mort Meeker: Paul Hartman
  • Mayor Jason Carter: Philip Coolidge
  • Howard: Jimmy Boyd
  • John Stebbins: Noah Beery Jr.
  • WGN Radio Technician: Norman Fell
  • Mrs. Krebs - Righteous Townswoman: Hope Summers
  • Jessie H. Dunlap: Ray Teal
  • Mrs. Stebbins: Renee Godfrey
  • Sarah Brady: Florence Eldridge
  • Townsman (uncredited): Leon Alton
  • Townsman (uncredited): Frank Baker
  • Townsman (uncredited): Buck Bucko
  • Townsman (uncredited): Sam Harris
  • Townsman (uncredited): Shep Houghton
  • Townsman (uncredited): Hans Moebus
  • Townsman (uncredited): Harry 'Snub' Pollard
  • Townsman (uncredited): Robert Robinson
  • Courtroom Reporter (uncredited): Eddie Baker
  • Courtroom Reporter (uncredited): Adolph Faylauer
  • Courtroom Reporter (uncredited): Bob Perry
  • Courtroom Reporter (uncredited): Waclaw Rekwart
  • Courtroom Reporter (uncredited): Stephen Soldi
  • Courtroom Reporter (uncredited): Rudy Sooter
  • Fundamentalist Woman (uncredited): Gail Bonney
  • Eskimo Pie Vendor in Courtroom (uncredited): Jack Daly
  • Dr. John (uncredited): Lester Dorr
  • Bollinger (uncredited): Donald Elson
  • Courtroom Spectator (uncredited): Colin Kenny
  • Courtroom Spectator (uncredited): Frank Mills
  • Courtroom Spectator (uncredited): Joe Ploski
  • Courtroom Spectator (uncredited): Scott Seaton
  • Courtroom Spectator (uncredited): Bert Stevens
  • Courtroom Spectator (uncredited): Harry Tenbrook
  • Threatening Spectator (uncredited): David Fresco
  • Dr. Amos Keller (uncredited): Stuart Hall
  • Man Yelling at Brady Welcome (uncredited): Joseph Hamilton
  • Dr. Britton's Tonic Spieler with Chimp (uncredited): Earle Hodgins
  • Banker - Critic at City Meeting (uncredited): Wendell Holmes
  • Reporter in Courtroom (uncredited): Thomas Martin
  • Harry Esterbrook (uncredited): Harp McGuire
  • Sam - Deputy Arresting Cates (uncredited): Robert Osterloh
  • Woman Diner (uncredited): Leoda Richards
  • Juror (uncredited): Hal Taggart
  • Hotel Clerk (uncredited): Charles Wagenheim
  • Hillsboro Salesman (uncredited): Justice Watson
  • Bible Salesman (uncredited): Will Wright
  • Courtroom Spectator (uncredited): Duke Fishman
  • Townsman (uncredited): Dick Cherney
  • Townsman (uncredited): Hank Mann
  • Townsman (uncredited): Brandon Beach

Movie Crew:

  • Casting: Lynn Stalmaster
  • Producer: Stanley Kramer
  • Production Design: Rudolph Sternad
  • Director of Photography: Ernest Laszlo
  • Camera Operator: Charles F. Wheeler
  • Original Music Composer: Ernest Gold
  • Editor: Frederic Knudtson
  • Casting: James Lister
  • Hairstylist: Larry Germain
  • Makeup Artist: Bud Westmore
  • Grip: Morris Rosen
  • Screenplay: Nedrick Young
  • Screenplay: Harold Jacob Smith
  • Writer: Jerome Lawrence
  • Writer: Robert E. Lee
  • Producer: Herman Shumlin
  • Production Manager: Clem Beauchamp
  • Production Office Assistant: Anne P. Kramer
  • Costume Design: Joe King
  • Script Supervisor: Sam Freedle
  • Assistant Director: Ivan Volkman
  • Sound Engineer: Joe Lapis
  • Sound Editor: Walter Elliott
  • Property Master: Art Cole

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