Hard Hit

Hard Hit

On his way to work, a bank manager receives an anonymous call claiming there's a bomb under his car seat, and if anyone exits the car, it will explode unless he can pay a ransom.

Original Title: 발신제한
Year: 2021
Countries: South Korea
Category: Action,Drama
Languages: 한국어/조선말
Production Companies: CJ Entertainment,TPS Company
Gender: Action,Drama
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt14980972
Movie Cast:

  • Seong-gyu: Jo Woo-jin
  • Hye-in: Lee Jae-in
  • Jin-woo: Ji Chang-wook
  • Young-hee: Jin Kyung
  • Yeon-soo: Kim Ji-ho
  • Jeong-ho: Jun Suk-ho
  • Vice president: Jeong In-gi
  • Police chief: Ryu Seung-su
  • Police: Jeon Kwang-jin
  • Jeong-ho's wife: Jung Ae-yeun
  • Eun-young: Lee Seol
  • CEO: Nam Myung-ryeol

Movie Crew:

  • Production Sound Mixer: Jung Jin-wook
  • Sound Supervisor: Kim Suk-won
  • Costume Design: Cho Sang-kyung
  • Original Story: Alberto Marini
  • Executive Producer: Kim Hyeon-cheol
  • Writer: Kim Chang-ju
  • Original Music Composer: Kim Tae-seong
  • Adaptation: Lee Gong-ju
  • Director of Photography: Kim Tae-soo
  • Camera Car: Woo Geum-ho
  • Makeup & Hair: Lee Jin-young
  • Martial Arts Choreographer: Park Jung-ryul
  • Lighting Director: Ryu Si-moon
  • Producer: Lee Dae-hee
  • Producer: Lee Jin-eun
  • Production Design: Kim Seong-hyeon
  • Co-Producer: Kim Joo-sang
  • Set Decoration: Kim Jung-hyun
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Do Gwang-seop
  • Original Music Composer: Choi Jung-in
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Do Gwang-il

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    1 Review

  1. ajvfx dice:

    Best Directing
    Best Acting
    Best Editing
    Best Story
    Best Team
    Thanks to the filming team
    I hope the film shines in cinemas
    love You From Iran

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