Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind

The spoiled daughter of a well-to-do plantation owner is forced to use every means at her disposal to claw her way out of poverty, following Maj. Gen. William Sherman's "March to the Sea,” during the American Civil War.

Original Title: Gone with the Wind
Year: 1939
Countries: United States of America
Category: Drama,War,Romance
Languages: English
Production Companies: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer,Selznick International Pictures
Gender: Drama,War,Romance
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0031381
Movie Cast:

  • Scarlett O'Hara: Vivien Leigh
  • Rhett Butler: Clark Gable
  • Melanie Hamilton: Olivia de Havilland
  • Ashley Wilkes: Leslie Howard
  • Mammy: Hattie McDaniel
  • Gerald O'Hara: Thomas Mitchell
  • Ellen O'Hara: Barbara O'Neil
  • Suellen O'Hara: Evelyn Keyes
  • Carreen O'Hara: Ann Rutherford
  • Brent Tarleton: George Reeves
  • Stuart Tarleton: Fred Crane
  • Pork: Oscar Polk
  • Prissy: Butterfly McQueen
  • Jonas Wilkerson: Victor Jory
  • 'Big Sam': Everett Brown
  • John Wilkes: Howard Hickman
  • India Wilkes: Alicia Rhett
  • Charles Hamilton: Rand Brooks
  • Frank Kennedy: Carroll Nye
  • Aunt 'Pittypat' Hamilton: Laura Hope Crews
  • Aunt Pittypat's Coachman 'Uncle Peter': Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson
  • Dr. Meade: Harry Davenport
  • Mrs. Caroline Meade: Leona Roberts
  • Mrs. Merriwether: Jane Darwell
  • Belle Watling: Ona Munson
  • Yankee Deserter: Paul Hurst
  • Emmy Slattery: Isabel Jewell
  • Bonnie Blue Butler: Cammie King
  • Amputation Case: Eric Linden
  • Johnny Gallagher: J. M. Kerrigan
  • Tom the Yankee Captain: Ward Bond
  • Phil Meade: Jackie Moran
  • Reminiscent Soldier: Cliff Edwards
  • Bonnie's Nurse in London: Lillian Kemble-Cooper
  • Renegade: Yakima Canutt
  • Cathleen Calvert: Marcella Martin
  • Hungry Soldier Holding Beau Wilkes: Louis Jean Heydt
  • Beau Wilkes: Mickey Kuhn
  • A Carpetbagger Businessman: Olin Howland
  • Corporal: Irving Bacon
  • Yankee Major: Robert Elliott
  • Mounted Officer: William Bakewell
  • Maybelle Merriwether: Mary Anderson
  • Wounded Soldier (uncredited): John Albright
  • Rafe Calvert (uncredited): Eric Alden
  • Dying Soldier (uncredited): John Arledge
  • Convalescent Soldier (uncredited): Roscoe Ates
  • Minor Role (uncredited): Trevor Bardette
  • Yankee Soldier in Shantytown / Townsperson (uncredited): Lennie Bluett
  • Gentleman at Twelve Oaks Barbecue (uncredited): Ralph Brooks
  • Housemaid at Evening Prayers (uncredited): Daisy Bufford
  • Minor Role (uncredited): Ann Bupp
  • Gentleman (uncredited): James Bush
  • Housemaid at Evening Prayers (uncredited): Ruth Byers
  • Beau Wilkes (uncredited): Gary Carlson
  • Atlanta Citizen (uncredited): Horace B. Carpenter
  • Bandleader's Wife (uncredited): Louise Carter
  • Belle's Girl (uncredited): Shirley Chambers
  • Sergeant at Hospital (uncredited): Eddy Chandler
  • Poker-Playing Captain (uncredited): Wallis Clark
  • Minor Role (uncredited): Richard Clucas
  • Collapsing Soldier (uncredited): Frank Coghlan Jr.
  • Boy with Tears When Death Rolls Are Read (uncredited): Billy Cook
  • Minor Role (uncredited): Gino Corrado
  • Housemaid at Twelve Oaks (uncredited): Martina Cortina
  • Bandleader (uncredited): Luke Cosgrave
  • Yankee Soldier in Shantytown (uncredited): Kernan Cripps
  • Melanie's Baby (uncredited): Patrick Curtis
  • Jewel Collector at Bazaar (uncredited): Ned Davenport
  • Belle's Girl (uncredited): Yola d'Avril
  • Minor Role (uncredited): Lester Dorr
  • 2 Year Old Bonnie Blue Butler (uncredited): Phyllis Douglas
  • Hospital Nurse (uncredited): Joan Drake
  • Housemaid at Evening Prayers (uncredited): F. Driver
  • General's Wife (uncredited): Edythe Elliott
  • Minor Role (uncredited): Susan Falligant
  • Soldier (uncredited): Richard Farnsworth
  • Soldier Aiding Dr. Meade (uncredited): Frank Faylen
  • Newborn Bonnie Blue Butler (uncredited): Kelly Griffin
  • Wounded Soldier in Pain (uncredited): George Hackathorne
  • Yankee Soldier in Shantytown (uncredited): Chuck Hamilton
  • Cancan Girl (uncredited): Evelyn Harding
  • Housemaid at Twelve Oaks (uncredited): Inez Hatchett
  • Hospital Nurse (uncredited): Jean Heker
  • Ashes Covered Boy in Atlanta (uncredited): William Hoehne Jr.
  • Melanie's Son (uncredited): Ricky Holt
  • Southern Dandy (uncredited): Shep Houghton
  • Dancer at Atlanta Bazaar (uncredited): Jerry James
  • Yankee on Street (uncredited): Si Jenks
  • Boy in Band (uncredited): Tommy Kelly
  • Party Guest (uncredited): Emmett King
  • Yankee Soldier in Shantytown (uncredited): W. Kirby
  • Party Guest (uncredited): Timothy J. Lonergan
  • Woman Writing Letter at Atlanta Church Hospital (uncredited): Margaret Mann
  • Old Levi (uncredited): William McClain
  • Poker-Playing Captain (uncredited): George Meeker
  • Man with Stove Pipe Hat in Charge of Convict Workers (uncredited): Charles Middleton
  • Rene Picard (uncredited): Alberto Morin
  • Carpetbagger Orator (uncredited): Adrian Morris
  • Drummerboy (uncredited): Lee Murray
  • Yankee Soldier in Shantytown (uncredited): H. Nellman
  • Cade Calvert (uncredited): David Newell
  • Housemaid at Evening Prayers (uncredited): Naomi Pharr
  • Bartender (uncredited): Lee Phelps
  • Extra (uncredited): Spencer Quinn
  • Cancan Girl (uncredited): Jolane Reynolds
  • Guest at Twelve Oaks (uncredited): Marjorie Reynolds
  • Cancan Girl (uncredited): Suzanne Ridgway
  • Minor Role (uncredited): Louisa Robert
  • Housemaid at Twelve Oaks (uncredited): Azarene Rogers
  • Guest at Birthday Party (uncredited): Scott Seaton
  • Tony Fontaine (uncredited): Tom Seidel
  • Fanny Elsing (uncredited): Terry Shero
  • Minister (uncredited): William Stack
  • Returning Veteran (uncredited): William Stelling
  • Tom's Aide (uncredited): Harry Strang
  • Youngest Boy in Band (uncredited): Dirk Wayne Summers
  • Minor Role (uncredited): Emerson Treacy
  • Gentleman / Bearded Confederate on Steps of Tara (uncredited): Phillip Trent
  • Bonnie at Six Months (uncredited): Julia Ann Tuck
  • Commanding Officer During Evacuation (uncredited): Tom Tyler
  • Gentleman at Twelve Oaks Barbecue (uncredited): Dale Van Sickel
  • Frank Kennedy's Clerk (uncredited): E. Alyn Warren
  • Renegade's Companion (uncredited): Blue Washington
  • Girl in Blue Dress (uncredited): Rita Waterhouse
  • Newborn Baby Boy (uncredited): John Joseph Waterman Jr.
  • Minor Role (uncredited): Dan White
  • Housemaid at Twelve Oaks (uncredited): Sarah Whitley
  • Carpetbagger's Friend (uncredited): Ernest Whitman
  • Wounded Card Player (uncredited): Guy Wilkerson
  • Elijah (uncredited): Zack Williams
  • Prison Gang Overseer (uncredited): John Wray
  • Leslie Howard Double: Arthur Tovey

Movie Crew:

  • Director of Photography: Ernest Haller
  • Producer: David O. Selznick
  • Special Effects: Jack Cosgrove
  • Art Direction: Lyle R. Wheeler
  • Interior Designer: Joseph B. Platt
  • Original Music Composer: Max Steiner
  • Set Decoration: Edward G. Boyle
  • Director: Victor Fleming
  • Novel: Margaret Mitchell
  • Screenplay: Sidney Howard
  • Production Design: William Cameron Menzies
  • Costume Design: Walter Plunkett
  • Director: George Cukor
  • Sound Recordist: Frank Maher
  • Associate Editor: James E. Newcom
  • Director: Sam Wood
  • Assistant Director: Eric Stacey
  • Supervising Film Editor: Hal C. Kern
  • Production Manager: Raymond A. Klune

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    1 Review

  1. patrickios dice:

    I cannot fully explain all aspects of the movie easily and clearly in a text smaller than a large volume, but yet I will try to compress it decently here.
    First and foremost, the movie for me is like a spectacle which could go on with the same cast for 100 hours and still be interesting and captivating. I have always wished it had been a series with this cast instead of a movie. Futile wishes!

    The casting, to begin with, is very well matched to the book's spirit if not the physical descriptions. Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Olivia de Havilland and Hattie McDaniel. I stop here and will edit it bit by bit to complete it in a few days. It is too large to finish in one writing.

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