Girl at the Window

Girl at the Window

A troubled teenage girl who’s struggling to cope with the accidental death of her father suspects that the mysterious killer stalking her hometown is not only her neighbour but her mother’s new romantic interest.

Original Title: Girl at the Window
Year: 2022
Countries: Australia
Category: Thriller,Horror
Languages: English
Production Companies: F.G. Film Productions
Gender: Thriller,Horror
Movie Cast:

  • Barbara Poynton: Radha Mitchell
  • Amy Poynton: Ella Newton
  • Chris Mancini: Vince Colosimo
  • Mr. Coleman: James Mackay
  • Detective Reuben Knox: Jackson Gallagher
  • Constable Steve Owen: Nathan Hill
  • Dharma Mallick: Sharon Johal
  • Suzan: Lauren Goetz
  • Lian Chen: Karis Oka
  • Detective John Nordoff: Andrew S. Gilbert
  • Dean: Lachie Millar
  • Christina Ellis: Simone Buchanan
  • Todd Bradley: Trae Robin
  • Amy's Father: Adam Rozenbachs
  • Reporter #1: Terence Hammond
  • Lifeless Body: Kaysea Hayes
  • Amy Stunt Double: Kate Angus
  • Coleman Stunt Double: Rian Goodge

Movie Crew:

  • Original Music Composer: Jamie Blanks
  • Executive Producer: Bryce Menzies
  • Director: Mark Hartley
  • Producer: Antony I. Ginnane
  • Executive Producer: Phil Hunt
  • Executive Producer: Shaun Compton Ross
  • Costume Designer: Jill Johanson
  • Screenplay: Nicolette Minster
  • Original Story: Terence Hammond
  • Director of Photography: Garry Richards
  • Production Design: Robbie Perkins
  • Executive Producer: William Fayman
  • Executive Producer: Anthony Lyons
  • Casting: Amanda Mitchell
  • Editor: Roberta Horslie
  • Line Producer: Cathy Rodda
  • Executive Producer: Sabella Sugar

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