Get Out vs Us - Face Off

Get Out vs Us - Face Off

With only two films under his belt and nope On the Horizon, Jordan Peele has proven to be one of the most intriguing voices in the horror genre. And if you'd said that seven or eight years ago, most people would have thought you were crazy. But even if he was best known for the hilarious sketch comedy show key and peeleJordan proved very good at combining surreal dark humor with unnerving imagery.

While we knew the man was very talented, it's safe to say no one was really prepared for the impact of his debut film, ExitHe would not only have that on horror fans, but on the film landscape in general. Socially relevant, pathologically funny, and consistently terrifying, the film became an instant classic upon release, before culminating in four Academy Award nominations and a win at the Academy Awards for Peele's brilliant, multi-layered screenplay. It wouldn't be an easy task to pursue, but Peele was up for the challenge with another clever, haunting attempt at horror, Us, which brought a new twist to the home invasion subgenre. Although perhaps not quite as universally popular as its predecessor, Us was a box office hit and nurtured a very serious fan base large enough to spark debates about which film is the better.

And, wouldn't you know, that's what we're going to discuss here. It's Jordan vs. Peele, a tough match. But we are ready for this fight, hope you are too! You know what it's time for... FACE OFF!

This episode of Face Off was written by Eric Walkuski, narrated by Shawn Knippelberg and edited by John Nguyen. But let's not have the last word - tell us in the comments which social thriller is your choice - Exit or Us?

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