Geri's Game

Geri's Game

An aging codger named Geri plays a daylong game of chess in the park against himself. Somehow, he begins losing to his livelier opponent. But just when the game's nearly over, Geri manages to turn the tables.

Original Title: Geri's Game
Year: 1997
Countries: United States of America
Category: Animation,Family
Languages: No Language
Production Companies: Pixar
Gender: Animation,Family
Movie Cast:

  • Geri (voice): Bob Peterson

Movie Crew:

  • Thanks: Andrew Stanton
  • Executive Producer: John Lasseter
  • Lighting Technician: Jean-Claude Kalache
  • Thanks: Joe Ranft
  • Animation: Angus MacLane
  • Writer: Jan Pinkava
  • Sculptor: Jerome Ranft
  • Animation: Scott Clark
  • Animation: Jeff Pratt
  • Animation: Stephen Barnes
  • Animation: Michael Berenstein
  • Animation: Ross Stevenson
  • Animation: Adam Wood
  • Modeling: Jason Bickerstaff
  • Dialogue Editor: Dennis Leonard
  • Animation: Pete Docter
  • Executive Producer: Ed Catmull
  • Thanks: Steve Jobs
  • Sound Designer: Tom Myers
  • Foley: Sandina Bailo-Lape
  • Thanks: Kevin Reher
  • Animation: Karen Prell
  • Animation: Michael Parks
  • Editor: Jim Kallett
  • Producer: Karen Dufilho-Rosen
  • Animation: Steve Segal
  • Animation: Doug Sheppeck
  • Animation: Karyn Metlen
  • Animation: Valerie Mih
  • Animation: Michelle Meeker
  • Animation: Sandra Christiansen
  • Animation: Bankole Lasekan
  • Animation: Ben Catmull
  • Music: Gus Viseur

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