Gerard Butler and Mike Colter Talk Plane

Gerard Butler and Mike Colter Talk Plane

Gerard Butler has been bringing back some really cool action movies lately. You have Den of Thievesthe exciting and thrilling cop shopand Greenland – an impressive disaster thriller. The man was busy. And now he's your pilot in the feature explosion, level. The new thriller takes him through ups and downs as a pilot who crashes into a war zone during a turbulent storm. It is fun. And it also stars the very talented star of the small screen Luke cage and the series Mean, Mr Mike Colter. And it's a pleasure to see these two fine gentlemen in Jean-François Richet (Mesrine: Killer instinctMesrine: Public Enemy No. 1) staged story.

It's always great to chat with Mr. Gerard Butler. The man is a delight through and through, and it's fun to talk about a project like this. in many ways level is a throwback to the action movies of the '90s, which introduced new characters and an exciting story. Butler spoke about it when asked about the connection to these classic features. His co-star Mr. Colter spoke about taking on the role after his acclaimed work in Mean and Luke cage. As for the director, I asked what led to the man behind the impressive mesrin Features with Vincent Cassell doing this and Gerard spoke about his admiration for these films and how he felt Richet was the perfect choice. level is in theaters this Friday and it's worth getting your boarding pass for the ride!

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