Fat Hope

Fat Hope

Even the smallest glimmer of hope can make a big difference.
Alisa is a beautiful runway model but she is also a snob. Because of a curse, her body becomes overweight overnight. With the help of her obese mother and her love interest Nathan, she must find a way to lose weight and save her modelling career.

Original Title: 超磅名模
Year: 2023
Countries: Singapore
Category: Comedy,Romance
Languages: 普通话
Production Companies: Encore Films
Gender: Comedy,Romance
Movie Cast:

  • ...: Yu-Pin Lin
  • ...: Alien Huang
  • ...: Liu Ling Ling
  • ...: Henry Thia
  • ...: Jeffrey Xu
  • ...: Abigail Chay

Movie Crew:

  • Director: Joyce Lee

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