The story of a lawyer with a personality disorder, freeing a criminal, then becoming a ruthless woman. Trapped in one body, Eva, Mike and Amy are 3 separate individual trapped in one body. Eva is well renowned lawyer who was diagnosed with split personalities. Mike and Amy are her alters developed from her traumatic childhood caused by her own father. Elly, Eva's sister has always been there for her since day one. Miqal, Eva's son too has been well accustom to Eva's alters. Driven by vengeance that her father had caused her, Eva and her alters started to plan to set revenge on the rapist that Eva had set free. Miqal become to get suspicious when he saw weird happening in the house through his "cctv".

Original Title: Eva
Year: 2023
Countries: Malaysia
Category: Crime,Thriller
Languages: Bahasa melayu
Production Companies: D'Alphalegacy
Gender: Crime,Thriller
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt22356366
Movie Cast:

  • Eva, Amy, Mike: Nadia Aqilah
  • Elly: Nadia Brian
  • Mikal: Shamsul Danish
  • ...: Azri Iskandar
  • ...: Hasnul Rahmat
  • ...: Mimi Ernida
  • ...: Norman Hakim
  • ...: Azrel Ismail
  • ...: Jay Iswazir
  • ...: Azzahrah Ahmad
  • ...: Shazia Rozaini
  • ...: Esma Daniel
  • ...: Dato' Jalaludin Hassan
  • ...: Tony Eusoff
  • ...: Ako Mustapha
  • ...: Zain Hamid
  • ...: Sheera Iskandar
  • ...: Marissa Yasmin
  • ...: Aleeza Kassim
  • ...: Mustaqim Bahadon

Movie Crew:

  • Director of Photography: Jack Rahmad
  • Editor: Ong Sau Kai
  • Director: Suhaiza Aziz
  • Story: Diyana Ismail
  • Producer: Nur Aminahtul Mardiah

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