El método Tangalanga

El método Tangalanga

This is not exactly a biopic about the famous comedian, champion of prank calls; is a film about Jorge, a clumsy and shy office worker who stutters when speaking in public and doesn't know how to approach the girl he likes. But Jorge is also, as those who know him well know, a faithful and very funny friend. And when one day, by chance, he ends up being the subject of a hypnosis session, he discovers that he has a new ability: to pick up the phone and become the irreverent Doctor Tangalanga to make those who need him laugh.

Original Title: El método Tangalanga
Year: 2023
Countries: Argentina
Category: Comedy
Languages: Español
Production Companies:
Gender: Comedy
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt23036332
Movie Cast:

  • Jorge Rizzi / Tangalanga: Martín Piroyansky
  • Clara: Julieta Zylberberg
  • Sixto: Alan Sabbagh
  • Franco Giordano: Rafael Ferro
  • Jefe (Horacio): Luis Machín
  • Adela: Lucía Maciel
  • Eva: Antonella Saldicco
  • Taruffa: Silvio Soldán

Movie Crew:

  • Editor: Federico Rotstein
  • Producer: Diego Dubcovsky
  • Screenplay: Sergio Dubcovsky
  • Art Direction: Ana Cambre
  • Music: Gabriel Chwojnik
  • Director: Mateo Bendesky
  • Colorist: Luisa Cavanagh
  • Sound: Mercedes Tennina
  • Director of Photography: Daniel Ortega
  • Art Direction: Agustín Ravotti
  • Costume Designer: Julián Rugolo
  • Makeup Designer: Beatushka Wojtowicz
  • Location Manager: Martín Fernández
  • Production Design: Ariana Aisenberg
  • Screenplay: Nicolás Schujman
  • Executive Producer: Diana Salomé Cabral
  • Assistant Director: Esteban Trivisonno
  • Hair Designer: Adriana Rinaldi
  • Executive Producer: Carolina Penelas

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