Door Mouse

Door Mouse

A burlesque dancer with dreams of becoming a comic book artist investigates the disappearance of a close friend.

Original Title: Door Mouse
Year: 2023
Countries: Canada
Category: Thriller,Mystery
Languages: English
Production Companies: Independent Edge Films,Gravitas Ventures,JoBro Productions,Goldrush Entertainment,Highland Film Group,Elevation Pictures,Short Porch Pictures,Cause and Effect Entertainment
Gender: Thriller,Mystery
Movie Cast:

  • Mouse: Hayley Law
  • Ugly: Keith Powers
  • Mama: Famke Janssen
  • Eddie: Donal Logue
  • Kelly: Landon Liboiron
  • Mooney: Avan Jogia
  • Doe Eyes: Nhi Do
  • Craw Daddy: Gabriel Carter
  • Cynthia: Emma Campbell
  • The Dame: Elizabeth Saunders
  • Riz: Michela Cannon
  • Sweets: Dylan Cook
  • Louie: Leo Choy

Movie Crew:

  • Producer: Kyle Mann
  • Cinematography: Mike McLaughlin
  • Writer: Avan Jogia
  • Executive Producer: Eric Gozlan
  • Executive Producer: Jonathan Bronfman
  • Producer: Jason Ross Jallet
  • Executive Producer: Nathan Klingher

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