Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride

Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride

A young bride in the midst of her wedding finds herself mysteriously transported to the TARDIS. The Doctor must discover what her connection is with the Empress of the Racnoss's plan to destroy the world.

Original Title: Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride
Year: 2006
Countries: United Kingdom
Category: Science Fiction
Languages: English
Production Companies: BBC Wales
Gender: Science Fiction
Movie Cast:

  • The Doctor: David Tennant
  • Donna Noble: Catherine Tate
  • Empress: Sarah Parish
  • Lance Bennett: Don Gilet
  • Geoff Noble: Howard Attfield
  • Sylvia Noble: Jacqueline King
  • Vicar (as Trevor Georges): Trevor Michael Georges
  • Taxi Driver: Glen Wilson
  • Nerys: Krystal Archer
  • Rhodri: Rhodri Meilir
  • Little Girl: Zafirah Boateng
  • Robot Santa: Paul Kasey

Movie Crew:

  • Music: Murray Gold
  • Writer: Russell T Davies
  • Director of Photography: Rory Taylor
  • Editor: John Richards
  • Executive Producer: Julie Gardner
  • Producer: Phil Collinson
  • Director: Euros Lyn

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