Die Drei ??? - Erbe des Drachen

Die Drei ??? - Erbe des Drachen

During the summer vacations, the three friends are about to take a trip together to Romania, where they are allowed to complete an internship on the film set of "Dracula Rises", arranged for them by Peter's father, who is responsible for the special effects during the filming. No sooner do they arrive in Transylvania than mysterious events begin to pile up at Countess Codrina's old castle, which serves as the original setting for the film. The three detectives want to find out what all this may have to do with a boy who has been missing for over 50 years, a mysterious brotherhood and an enigmatic undead. Soon, not only the filming and Peter's relationship with his father are at stake, but also the friendship of the three investigators.

Original Title: Die Drei ??? - Erbe des Drachen
Year: 2023
Countries: Germany
Category: Adventure,Family
Languages: Deutsch
Production Companies: Wiedemann & Berg Film,Seven Pictures Film,Deutsche Columbia Pictures Film Produktion
Gender: Adventure,Family
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt15512578
Movie Cast:

  • Justus Jonas: Julius Weckauf
  • Peter Shaw: Nevio Wendt
  • Bob Andrews: Levi Brandl
  • Henry Shaw: Mark Waschke
  • Gräfin Codrina: Gudrun Landgrebe
  • Titus Jonas: Florian Lukas
  • ...: Jördis Triebel
  • ...: Gedeon Burkhard

Movie Crew:

  • Writer: Tim Dünschede
  • Director of Photography: Holger Jungnickel
  • Writer: Anil Kizilbuga
  • Novel: André Marx

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