De l'autre côté du mur

De l'autre côté du mur

An headed-to-ruin couple buys a house for a fresh new start. Since they moved in, the wife doesn't want to have sex with her demanding husband. One day, changing the light bulb of the stairs leading to the basement, he finds out a hole in the wall, which will upsets their intimacy. After many restless nights, the man decides to fill to hole... to find it out wide open, a few days later. Then, he decides to uncover what lies beyond the wall. Is that a good idea ?

Original Title: De l'autre côté du mur
Year: 2023
Countries: France
Category: Drama,Fantasy,Thriller
Languages: Français
Production Companies: Bon Voyage Films
Gender: Drama,Fantasy,Thriller
Movie Cast:

  • ...: Etiève Lena
  • ...: Karine Loriau
  • ...: François Guliana
  • ...: Sylvain Pierre

Movie Crew:

  • Producer: Bruno François-Boucher
  • Music: Tiburce
  • Director of Photography: Etienne Baduel
  • Sound: Roger Meunier
  • Lighting Technician: Eva Hapdey
  • Script Supervisor: Betty Druart

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