Lidia just moved in with her influencer friends. It's been a month since her best friend Tomás committed suicide, but it seems that her roommates don't care much. Very strange things will soon begin to happen: raccord errors, looks at the camera, white texts... and they will discover that her new home is haunted by a ghost.

Original Title: Day-O
Year: 2023
Countries: Spain
Category: Comedy
Languages: Español
Production Companies: Arsènikes
Gender: Comedy
Movie Cast:

  • Lidia: Mariona de las Heras
  • Tomás: Eduard Amado
  • Martina: Helena Cortés
  • Otho: Martí Fontcuberta
  • Coral: Judith Aguilà
  • Polo: Daniel Abalde

Movie Crew:

  • Colorist: Sergi Camargo
  • Director: Roc Gussinyer
  • Director of Photography: Diego Pino
  • Producer: Eva Enrich
  • Music: Max Oriol
  • Art Direction: Anna Insenser
  • First Assistant Director: Esther Arnau
  • Sound: Verta Amo
  • Script: Margaritta Barberis
  • Gaffer: Álex Martínez
  • VFX Artist: Albert Muñoz

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