Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead

During an ever-growing epidemic of zombies that have risen from the dead, two Philadelphia SWAT team members, a traffic reporter, and his television-executive girlfriend seek refuge in a secluded shopping mall.

Original Title: Dawn of the Dead
Year: 1978
Countries: United States of America
Category: Horror
Languages: English
Production Companies: Laurel Entertainment,Dawn Associates
Gender: Horror
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0077402
Movie Cast:

  • Stephen: David Emge
  • Peter: Ken Foree
  • Roger: Scott H. Reiniger
  • Francine: Gaylen Ross
  • Dr. Foster: David Crawford
  • Mr. Berman: David Early
  • Dr. Milliard Rausch: Richard France
  • TV Commentator: Howard Smith
  • Givens: Daniel Dietrich
  • Police Commander: Fred Baker
  • Wooley: James A. Baffico
  • Roy Tucker: Rod Stouffer
  • Old Priest: Jese Del Gre
  • Officer in Project Apt.: Clayton McKinnon
  • Officer in Project Apt.: John Rice
  • Officer at Police Dock: Ted Bank
  • Officer at Police Dock: Randy Kovitz
  • Officer at Police Dock: Patrick McCloskey
  • Officer at Police Dock: Joseph Pilato
  • Motorcycle Raider: Pasquale Buba
  • Motorcycle Raider: Tony Buba
  • Motorcycle Raider: Tom Savini
  • Motorcycle Raider: Larry Vaira
  • Motorcycle Raider: Marty Schiff
  • Motorcycle Raider: Taso N. Stavrakis
  • Lead Zombie (Nurse): Sharon Ceccatti
  • Lead Zombie (Hare Krishna): Mike Christopher
  • Lead Zombie: Clayton Hill
  • 2nd Guy on Roof (uncredited): John Amplas
  • Fu Manchu Zombie (uncredited): Greg Besnak
  • Gray Suited Zombie (uncredited): Rik Billock
  • TV Producer / Zombie / Mall Announcer (voice) (uncredited): Christine Forrest
  • Pie-in-Face Zombie (uncredited): Roy Frumkes
  • Red Turtleneck Sweater Zombie (uncredited): Debra Gordon
  • Radio News Reporter (voice) (uncredited): Michael Gornick
  • Helicopter Zombie (uncredited): Jim Krut
  • Parking Lot Zombie (uncredited): Donald Rubinstein
  • TV Director / Biker (uncredited): George A. Romero
  • Security Guard Zombie (uncredited): Warner Shook
  • Leotard Zombie (uncredited): Sara Venable
  • Ice Skating Rink Zombie: Laura Ziemba
  • Soldier in Apartment Project: Robert Williams
  • Black Knit Cap Sunglasses Bearded Biker: John 'Weezer' Wickerham
  • Brown Leather Jacket Biker Chick: Vickie Walters
  • Biker Chick Wearing Brown Headband: Billie Walters
  • WGON - TV Station Employee: Vincent Vok
  • Dark Curly Haired Plaid Shirted Zombie: Susan Vermazen
  • Beautiful Curly Haired Female WGON-TV Technician: Bobbi Van Eman
  • Biker Chick: Jeanette Lansel Vaira
  • Mall Zombie: Danny Vail
  • Checkered Shirted Zombie Who Attacks Stephen: Milt Thompson
  • Stephen's Grey Suited Airport Zombie Attacker: Ralph Tallo
  • Zombie: Stephen M. Silverman
  • Dark Haired Light Brown Bloused Woman: Donna Siegel
  • Longhaired Glasses Zombie: Gina Sestak
  • Fat Grey-Suited Zombie: Frank A. Serrao
  • Zombie Boy in Airport Chart House: Mike Savini
  • Zombie Girl in Airport Chart House: Donna Savini
  • Bearded White Collared Shirted WGON-TV Crew Member: Charlie Peters
  • Biker Who Shoots Flyboy: Jeff Paul
  • Pendant Headband Biker with Axe: Ken Nagin
  • Bearded Scope Zombie / Zombie Who Attacks Mousey: Robert V. Michelucci
  • Preppie Zombie - 2nd Pie-In Face: Doug Mertz
  • Lovely Woman at WGON: Molly McCloskey
  • Mall Zombie Outside Gun Store: Nicholas Mastandrea
  • Machete Zombie: Leonard Lies
  • Long-Haired Man by Door at WGON-TV: Ed Letteri
  • Redhead Zombie Outside J.C. Penny: Maxine Lapiduss
  • Mustachioed Plaid-Shirted Zombie Eating Bikers' Flesh: Robert Langer
  • Green Collared-Shirted Zombie in Ice Skating Rink: Ralph Langer
  • Miguel, The Zombie: Tommy Lafitte
  • Head Bandage Redneck: 'Wild Bill' Laczko
  • Brunette Biker Chick Throwing Pies and Cakes: Katherine Kolbert
  • Zombie Wearing Eyeglasses: C. Courtney Joyner
  • Blonde Zombie Who Attacks Roger in Truck: Jeannie Jefferies
  • Featured Zombie: Jon Hayden
  • Screwdriver Zombie: John Harrison
  • Parking Lot Zombie Knocking Sign Over: Barry Gress
  • Mall Zombie Wearing Blue Nightgown: Ingeborg Forrest
  • Tony, Man at WGON - TV ('You all right?'): Cliff Forrest
  • Young WGON-TV Man Wearing Plaid Shirt: Tom Dubensky
  • Blonde Biker Chick Riding Motorcycle: Zilla Clinton
  • Featured Light Blue Bathrobe Zombie: Mary Lee Casey
  • Narrator of Theatrical Trailer: Adolph Caesar
  • 2nd Biker in Elevator: David W. Butler
  • Cowboy Hat Zombie Hit by Sledge: Ben Barenholtz
  • Wild Haired Plaid Shirted Apartment Zombie: Renee Banks
  • Redneck Rifleman That Misses: Joe Abeln
  • Motorcycle Raider: Nick Tallo
  • Motorcycle Raider: Joe Shelby
  • Motorcycle Raider: Rudy Ricci

Movie Crew:

  • Editor: George A. Romero
  • Script Consultant: Dario Argento
  • Stunt Double: Tom Savini
  • Producer: Richard P. Rubinstein
  • Original Music Composer: Agostino Marangolo
  • Original Music Composer: Massimo Morante
  • Original Music Composer: Fabio Pignatelli
  • Original Music Composer: Claudio Simonetti
  • Director of Photography: Michael Gornick
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: John Amplas
  • Set Decoration: Josie Caruso
  • Set Decoration: Barbara Lifsher
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Nancy Allen
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Jeannie Jefferies
  • Production Manager: Zilla Clinton
  • Unit Manager: Jay Stover
  • Sound: Tony Buba
  • Special Effects: Gary Zeller
  • Visual Effects: Arthur J. Canestro
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Joseph A. Campayno
  • Key Grip: Nicholas Mastandrea
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Joseph Pilato
  • Producer: Claudio Argento
  • Stunt Double: Taso N. Stavrakis
  • Assistant Director: Christine Forrest
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Randy Kovitz
  • Continuity: John Rice
  • Boom Operator: Robert Williams
  • Stunts: Marty Schiff
  • Stunt Driver: Benjamin Meade
  • Grip: Clayton McKinnon
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Ted Bank
  • Music: Goblin
  • Assistant Camera: Tom Dubensky
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Joe Shelby
  • Electrician: Tom Wholey
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Rick Dior
  • Makeup Artist: Greg Besnak
  • Producer: Alfredo Cuomo
  • Presenter: Billy 'Silver Dollar' Baxter
  • Grip: Leonard Lies
  • Casting Assistant: Michael Lies
  • Production Assistant: Donna Siegel
  • Graphic Designer: Joseph Eberle
  • Stunt Driver: Leonard DeStefans
  • Stunt Driver: John Konter
  • Stunt Driver: Carl Scott
  • Stunt Driver: Trudy Gray
  • Lighting Technician: Carl Augenstein
  • Grip: Dan Bertha
  • Grip: Bradley Drumheller
  • Key Grip: Cliff Forrest
  • Still Photographer: Katherine Kolbert
  • Grip: Ken Nagin
  • Grip: Daniel Silk
  • Casting Assistant: Ellen Hopkins
  • Assistant Editor: Kenneth Davidow
  • Production Driver: Frank A. Serrao

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    3 Review

  1. talisencrw dice:

    This is one of the finest sequels ever, in that it's both of comparable quality with the original, yet is fundamentally different from it at the same time. Marvelous stuff, with aspects copied thousands of times over the past two generations, with no end in sight.

    This and 'Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom', from about the same time frame, would make one of the best double-bills ever on the evils of consumerism gone rampant...

  2. Wuchak dice:

    Romero’s imaginative and thrilling zombie sequel

    A decade after the excellent “Night of the Living Dead” (1968), writer/director George Romero offers up this exceptional sequel. The plague of reanimated corpses with a hunger for warm flesh is now global and society is increasingly breaking down. A television exec (Gaylen Ross), her helicopter-reporter beau (David Emge) and two SWAT officers (Ken Foree and Scott Reiniger) take refuge in a suburban mall. Unfortunately for them, a veritable army of biker-raiders wants the mall for their own.

    One of the main reasons this film is so iconic is because Romero seriously considered what it would be like after a ‘zombie apocalypse’ and came up with an inspired story. While the bleakness of the situation is addressed there’s also a sense of adventurous freedom; for instance, the protagonists having an entire mall to themselves.

    The movie’s disturbing, ghastly and gory, but also action-packed and sometimes humorous. The zombies make for good bullet fodder while, at the same time, satirizing consumer society. The creative score is varied and I’m sure it was cutting edge at the time, but it’s very dated today, although you’ll probably find yourself acclimating to it. The no-name cast is convincing with the towering Foree standing out while Emge comes across as a poor man’s Donald Sutherland.

    The movie runs 2 hours, 7 minutes with the longer version running 2 hours, 19 minutes (the one I watched). It was shot in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, and nearby Pittsburgh.

    GRADE: A-

  3. JPV852 dice:

    Been a while since I last watched this one, but with the new 4K UHD out, decided to give it another watch going with the Extended Cut. Still very well made with some great zombie effects and really liked the characters, Peter (Ken Foree), especially. I'm not a big fan of the zombie horror genre but this is one of the exceptions. **4.0/5**

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