Daniel Craig channels his inner John Travolta in new Vodka ad

Daniel Craig channels his inner John Travolta in new Vodka ad

Daniel Craig's rise to superstardom by donning the moniker 007 was veiled with the notion of a return to the Connery-era James Bond filth Casino royale. Previously seen in films such as layer cake and way to perdition and finally movies like The girl with the dragon tattooThe Bond actor had thus sealed his image as a dramatic actor. Craig would show off his comedy skills as if he were starring in a comedy Logan luck and play the no-nonsense detective in a wild crime thriller in knife out.

Recently, Craig made headlines with a new funky vodka commercial that showed the star cracking up all night. diversity reports on Craig's image-changing effort directed by Thor: Love and Thunder Director Taika Waititi. The ad features a song by Waititi's wife, pop singer Rita Ora, and showcases his signature humor.

When the display starts, it appears like an image glass onion, which recently premiered (with JoBlo's Chris Bumbray in attendance). Craig stands in an elegant white suit and looks out over the Paris horizon. He turns to reveal a crowd of paparazzi and fans begging him for pictures and praise. Craig goes in one door of his car and comes out the other in cool new clothes, complete with a leather jacket and sunglasses.

From there, Craig begins to do the only thing you can do as a person in his shoes: strut. He then reveals his image shift with a non-stop series of solo dances reminiscent of Fatboy Slim's Christopher Walken weapon of choice music video. Craig enters his fancy French hotel and continues his routine even showing off his James Bond body while showing his guns and bicep tattoos while walking the fancy pool area, the roof, the manned elevator and finally to his room downstairs, where a display case of Belvedere Vodka awaits him, and we get a cameo from Waititi himself.

In this Director's Cut we are even treated to some funny glitches at the end. Craig returns as the flamboyant detective Benoit Blanc Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery This 23.11 in a week-long theatrical run, then will be available on Netflix from 23rd of December.

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