Cool Action Films We’re Looking Forward To

Cool Action Films We’re Looking Forward To
Cool Action Films We’re Looking Forward To

Action movies of all types and budgets are coming out left and right. With all the streaming services, direct-to-VOD, and smaller theatrical runs, movies that might not have even gotten the green light years ago are making it to our eyeballs pretty easily. With so many titles to come, which ones should everyone be looking forward to? Here are five action movies coming out relatively soon that we're excited to see.

Airplane (2023)

Airplane 2023 Gerard Butler
Cool Action Films We’re Looking Forward To

Gerard Butler's latest action film level, is about a pilot (butler) who has to land his plane due to the weather and ends up in a war zone with the crew and passengers. In terms of who's involved besides Butler, the cast includes Mike Colter, Yoson An, Daniela Pineda, Paul Ben-Victor, and a host of others. The film is directed by Jean-François Richet who directed the excellent one Mesrine: Killer instinct and Mesrine: Public Enemy #1, two films that show skills for drama and action. The film here was written by Charles Cumming, for whom this is a first feature film, and JP Davis, who previously wrote the recently released one The service provider with Chris Pine. Butler as an action star? Spring, 300 was quite interesting Law abiding citizen was fun u Den of Thieves was one of the excessively long, uneven, heat-Want to for a long time, so he's everywhere. Overall, this team has an interesting group of talent here, including people with established careers and people who are sure to bring a fresh perspective. Will this be a hit or a miss? We'll see in 2023. level comes to the cinemas January 27th.

Violent Night (2022)

David Harbor violent night
Cool Action Films We’re Looking Forward To

A Christmas action film? YUP! Finally another action film on the subject of holidays. The universe needs more of this and having a badass Santa Claus at its core is just what some of us need to get our butts in movie theaters. violent night is all about Santa Claus who comes to rescue a family after mercenaries storm their house and wreak havoc. That being said, the trailer makes it seem like something is not what it seems. The main selling point here, aside from a badass Santa, is the fact that Santa is played by David Harbour, and he seems to be having a blast. His take on Santa seems spot on for the film. be while hellboy Film was pretty bad, it was hardly his fault and did his best. Harbor has a great track record of giving it his all when it's necessary and holding back when the film calls for it. Rounding out the cast are Beverly D'Angelo (who is familiar with the holidays in film), John Leguizamo, and Cam Gigandet, who has released a slew of mid-priced action films in recent years. Here the film is directed by Tommy Wirkola and written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller. Wirkola is better known for the dead snow Movies, the Netflix Noomi Rapace movie What happened to Mondayand Hansel. The man is familiar with action and is not afraid of productions that seem a bit nonsensical. Casey and Miller are better known for it Sonic the Hedgehog movies & 12 Deadly Days, another holiday movie with some violent tendencies. violent night looks like a winner for sure and considering it has been ever since The long goodnight kiss Since we had a good fun action Christmas movie, bring it on! violent night comes to the cinemas 2. Decemberand you can expect our review this Tuesday!

Mayhem (2023)

Devastate Netflix Tom Hardy
Cool Action Films We’re Looking Forward To

Tom Hardy and Timothy Olyphant. That's it, that's the pitch. Do we really need to say more? Ok, so the movie is about a drug deal gone awry which leads to a search for a politician's son, some corruption and of course a conspiracy. This one, alongside the names listed above, comes from writer-director Gareth Evans, who action fans are known for The raid Movies you miss if you haven't seen them. Once that requisite action viewing is complete, you'll know exactly why fans of Evans' work can't wait for this one. 2023 can't come soon enough here.

Extraction 2 (2023)

Extraction 2 Netflix
Cool Action Films We’re Looking Forward To

A Netflix film to watch out for, this film is clearly a sequel, and it brings Chris Hemsworth back to the role of Tyler Rake. Joining him on screen here are Daniel Bernhardt (a regular mid-range action filmmaker), Golshifteh Farahani and Tinatin Dalakishvili. Talent behind the camera includes director Sam Hargrave, who directed the first and is an established stunt coordinator, and Marvel's Joe Russo. Like the first one, this one screams for a theatrical release, but doesn't get one. This is top notch talent in a streaming release and considering how much fun the first one was, this is a film to look forward to. Another highly anticipated release in 2023.

Wild Redemption (2022)

wild redemption
Cool Action Films We’re Looking Forward To

De Niro in a mid-budget, non-massive action movie might seem sad to some, but could actually be kinda cool. Here he is joined by John Malkovich, Jack Huston and Willa Fitzgerald. The cast is definitely interesting and since Malkovich either seems to pull films out of a hat or how much fun he's going to have, there's a high chance of some fun action here. The cast should be more than enough to entice anyone, but let's also take a quick look at the story and the minds behind the film. The premise here is a simple revenge movie about a former addict trying to get revenge on the people he blames for the deaths of his loved ones. This one is directed by Randall Emmett who is usually a producer with only one directing credit prior to this 2021 film Midnight in switchgrass (which was awful) so it will be interesting to see what he does here with a cast stacked like that. The script for Wild Redemption comes courtesy of Adam Taylor Barker, for whom this is a first feature film, and Chris Sivertson, who did the excellent The lost onethat's okay brawlerand the questionable I know who killed meso his resume is diverse in style and quality to say the least. Wild Redemption meets VOD 2. December.

What do you think of the above titles? Worth a watch? What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

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