Coo-Coo 043

Coo-Coo 043

The sound of wings reverberates through the air. In the murky half-light, race pigeon 043 has finally returned after seven years. The family's barely-maintained peace after their son's missing is shattered by 043's return, as the daughter brings a street boy home. Things begin to change gradually, so do the people. In the aftershock of the storm, what course should the wounded follow?

Original Title: 一家子兒咕咕叫
Year: 2022
Countries: Taiwan
Category: Drama,Family
Languages: 普通话
Production Companies: Atom Cinema,Kaohsiung Film Fund,Taichung Film Development Foundation,66cc Company Limited
Gender: Drama,Family
Movie Cast:

  • ...: Yang Li-yin
  • ...: Yu An-Shun
  • ...: Jhih-Ciang Hu
  • ...: Rimong Ihwar
  • ...: Lin Chih-ju
  • ...: Henriques Chen
  • ...: YuDe Song
  • ...: Francesca Kao
  • ...: Ching-Huang Yang

Movie Crew:

  • Executive Producer: Wei-Jan Liu
  • Sound Designer: Chiang Yi-chen
  • Sound Designer: Tu Duu-chih
  • Editor: Ching-lin Chan
  • Original Music Composer: Chih-Yuan Hsu
  • Director of Photography: Chi Wen Chen
  • Producer: Shih Ken Lin
  • Lighting Director: Joy Chung
  • Art Direction: Eitzel Chang
  • Producer: LIN I-ling
  • Editor: LIN Yung-Yi
  • Sound Designer: CHEN Yu-chieh
  • Editor: Pei Ying Chen
  • Costume Designer: Emma CHEN

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