Castaway on the Moon

Castaway on the Moon

Mr. Kim is jobless, lost in debt and has been dumped by his girlfriend. He decides to end it all by jumping into the Han River - only to find himself washed up on a small, mid-river island. He soon abandons thoughts of suicide or rescue and begins a new life as a castaway. His antics catch the attention of a young woman whose apartment overlooks the river. Her discovery changes both their lives.

Original Title: 김씨 표류기
Year: 2009
Countries: South Korea
Category: Drama,Comedy,Romance
Languages: 한국어/조선말,English
Production Companies: Cinema Service,Banzakbanzak Film Production
Gender: Drama,Comedy,Romance
Movie Cast:

  • Mr. Kim: Jung Jae-young
  • Kim Jung-Yeon: Jung Ryeo-won
  • Seung-geun's mother: Yang Mi-kyung
  • Seung-geun's father: Lee Sang-hun
  • Seung-geun's girlfriend: Jang So-yeon
  • Delivery man (uncredited): Park Young-seo
  • Public Service Employee (uncredited): Koo Kyo-hwan
  • High School Kim (uncredited): Lee Kyung-joon

Movie Crew:

  • Sound Supervisor: Lee Seung-chul
  • Production Sound Mixer: Jung Jin-wook
  • Producer: Kim Moo-ryoung
  • Editor: Nam Na-young
  • Writer: Lee Hae-jun
  • Producer: Kang Woo-suk
  • Director of Photography: Kim Byung-seo
  • Sound Supervisor: Lee Sung-jin
  • Costume Design: Choi Eui-young
  • Line Producer: Jung Du-hwan
  • Makeup & Hair: Song Jong-hee
  • Makeup & Hair: Lee Eun-ju
  • Colorist: Lee Yong-gi
  • Script Supervisor: Park Ji-wan
  • Line Producer: Kim Bo-ram
  • Visual Effects Director: Jung Sung-jin
  • Art Direction: Lee Si-hoon
  • Digital Colorist: Park Jin-young
  • Set Dresser: Kim Jung-gon

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  1. badelf dice:

    Whacky, hilarious, and heart-warming.

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