Café Midnight

Café Midnight

Yoon, the bride-to-be, waits for her groom Tae-young on the wedding day but he doesn’t show up without a word. Out of concern and rage, Yoon goes out looking for him all day long and in the dead of night, she arrives at a strange place called ‘Café Midnight’, which opens from midnight until the sun rises. In here, Yoon finally finds Tae-young but something doesn’t seem right. He looks few years younger than now and he doesn’t even recognize her. Will she be able to find her groom from the present in this chaos?

Original Title: 심야카페: 미씽허니
Year: 2022
Countries: South Korea
Category: Fantasy
Languages: 한국어/조선말
Production Companies:
Gender: Fantasy
Movie Cast:

  • ...: Chae Seo-jin
  • ...: Lee Yi-kyung
  • ...: Shin Ju-hwan
  • ...: Jung Young-ju
  • ...: Moon Sook
  • ...: Park Geon-il

Movie Crew:

  • Director: Chong Yun-su

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